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Robert Goyette

Jul 12, 1959 - Mar 24, 1991

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Robert Goyette

Brother of former Garden of Peace committee member, Robin Goyette Luna

Robert (Robie) Goyette, the fifth of six children, lived in New Hampshire. Always the optimist, Robie conveyed a refreshing attitude and kept conversations lively with his wit and humor. A talented chef and restaurateur who enjoyed hockey, ice skating, rollerblading, and spending time outdoors, Robie’s love of life was a part of everything he did. By far his greatest joy was being a father to his young son. Within a month of his son’s first birthday, Robie lost his life in a random act of violence.

His last day was filled with the people and things he loved; a Bruins game with his wife followed by dinner at a local restaurant. In a true example of the worst that can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere, Robie was fatally shot in a robbery attempt after leaving the restaurant.

A man of integrity who lived life to the fullest, Robie lives on in his family’s hearts and will be “forever young.”