Route 114 Danvers/Peabody Long-Term Improvements Study

Route 114 safety Improvements Project

In response to fatal crashes between 2019 and 2021 along the Route 114 corridor, MassDOT Highway Division, in collaboration with the City of Peabody, Town of Danvers, Representative Tom Walsh's Office, Representative Sally Kerans’ Office, and Senator Lovely's Office, implemented the first tier of improvements to Route 114 in a “quickbuild” manner, which are limited to improvements that do not require any right-of-way impacts, new conduit trenching, or private business access impacts. Major elements included new pavement markings, new crosswalks, signage updates, and signal phase timing improvements.

The second tier of improvements consists of flexpost installation to prohibit left-turns to a select set of
driveways where left-turns pose the greatest crash risk. Tier 2 implementation is underway in Fall 2023 under a separate contract assignment.

MassDOT's Office of Transportation Planning is conducting a study to evaluate long-term safety improvements to this section of Route 114. The study will analyze the possibility of installing a median, among other safety measures, and ways to improve the public realm in the area. MassDOT will coordinate with legislators and the municipalities to engage the public in a collaborative process during this effort.

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