Route 114 Danvers/Peabody safety improvements project

MassDOT plans to make safety improvements to the Route 114 Corridor from LeBlanc Drive in Danvers, just west of the Route 1 interchange, to Esquire Drive in Peabody, just east of the North Shore Mall.

MassDOT, in collaboration with the City of Peabody, Town of Danvers, Representative Tom Walsh's Office, Representative Sally Kerans’ Office, and Senator Lovely 's Office, conducted a Road Safety Audit (RSA) of Route 114 for the corridor west of Sylvan Street, as an RSA had already been performed for the eastern corridor. The purpose of an RSA is to identify contributing factors to safety issues along the road and at intersections to identify possible opportunities for safety improvements for all roadway users. This project seeks to implement as many of the short-term and mid-term improvements as quick as possible.

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