Route 20 Reconstruction Project in Charlton & Oxford - Project images

A graphic representation of the proposed improvements to the Route 20 Corridor in the Towns of Charlton and Oxford.

Table of Contents


The project boundaries have been separated into three sections of roadway, from west to east:

Plan Section 1: Richardson Corner/Oxbow Road in Charlton, MA east to Oak Drive in Oxford, MA

Plan Section 2: Oak Drive to 550 feet west of Route 56 in Oxford, MA

Plan Section 3: Route 56 to Route 12 Intersection in Oxford, MA

The following proposed improvements and design elements are identified on each plan. The purpose of each element is explained in the legend as they relate to safety improvements, vehicular speed and other roadway updates: 

  • Signalized intersections
    • New signalized intersection at Oxbow Road in Oxford
    • Intersection improvements at new and existing signals with U-turn bulbs
      • Allow drivers to make a U-turn at designated intersections
    • Designated right and left turn lanes
    • Pedestrian crossings
    • Signalized intersections
      • Improved operations
      • Protected left turn provisions
  • Raised median or barrier
    • Reduce the severity of crashes
    • Reduce the number of crashes
  • Emergency pull off areas
    • Designated areas for vehicles to safely pull over out of the roadway
    • Provides areas for traffic enforcement
  • Speed feedback signs
    • Inform driver of vehicular speed
    • Reinforce the posted speed limit
  • Advisory speed signs
    • Advise the driver that conditions ahead (curve) warrants a lower vehicular speed
  • Lit chevron signs
    • Alert drivers to roadway curves ahead

Project Images

An overhead map of Richardson Corner to Oak Drive indicating traffic improvements such as new speed medians, emergency pull-off areas, and speed management tools
A map illustrating road improvements on Oak Drive to 550 feet west of Route 56 in Oxford, MA
An overhead look at Route 56 to Route 12 intersection in Oxford, MA with new road changes illustrated.