Rural and Small Town Grant Program Awards

This program provides funding for capital and community planning projects in Rural and Small Towns. This competitive grant program awards funds based on the project’s nexus with housing, transportation, infrastructure, economic development, and community development.

This program is part of the Community One Stop for Growth, a single application portal and collaborative review process of community and economic development grant programs that make targeted investments based on a Development Continuum.

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FY22 Grant Awards

Avon, $177,000 
The Town of Avon will specify, bid, purchase and commission an emergency drinking interconnect pump system.  
Cummington, $25,000 
The Town of Cummington will create a redevelopment design plan for reuse of the public owned Community House to provide town planners tools on how to invest capital dollars into the building to maximize efficiency and generate revenue.              
Eastham, $75,000 
The Town of Eastham will create a Master Site Development Plan (MSDP) for a town-owned, 11-acre parcel known as “T-Time” for a mixed use, village center development including site layout, scaling, design, and implementation, including public design charettes, a report of site infrastructure and zoning needs, and a final report with implementation schedule and architectural renderings.    
Edgartown, $30,000 
The Town of Edgartown will create a revised Master Plan to address present-day concerns such as climate change adaptation, renewable energy, affordable housing, and mixed-use development. The revised master plan will reflect updated studies addressing affordable housing, regional transportation, multi-modal transport systems, 'form based' zoning, expansion of retail and trades zoning, and upgrade of vulnerable municipal resources and facilities. 
Erving, $60,000 
The Town of Erving will review current zoning bylaws to encourage housing options including affordable housing, commercial and industrial development in appropriate areas, and eliminate redundancies and errors. 
Hopedale, $75,000 
The Town of Hopedale will study current traffic, parking, and circulation in Hopedale Village Center and make recommendations for changes and improvements to create effective traffic flows, parking areas and circulation, additional traffic and parking, and connectivity to the foundation of Complete Streets. 
Lincoln, $400,000 
The Town of Lincoln will create design and engineering plans to expand an existing wastewater treatment plant that services the Mall in the Village Center and a 125-unit mixed income residential property. The expansion will support Mall redevelopment to include mixed-use on a site adjacent to the Lincoln Commuter Rail station.           
Montague, $169,000 
The Town of Montague will replace an existing sewer pump station securing its life for the coming 25+ years and ensuring no substantial interruption of services to the largest base of industry and employment in Montague, the Franklin County Technical School, the Ja’Duke Performing Arts, and Early Childcare facility.               
Orange, $24,000 
The Town of Orange will complete a certified housing production plan to proactive plan and develop affordable housing in locations that are well intentioned and reflect the community's needs.  
Princeton, $50,000 
The Town of Princeton will update select chapters of its community Master Plan and create a comprehensive guide for the next 10 to 20 years, as part of a Master Plan in several phases. This first phase will complete the Economic Development, Open Space and Recreation, and Land Use elements. The recommendations of these elements will inform the development of future elements including Public Services & Facilities, Transportation, Housing, Natural & Cultural Resources, and other topics.               
Tisbury, $400,000 
The Town of Tisbury will design, fabricate, install, and test an enhanced denitrification wastewater treatment system that will serve a neighborhood of 20 affordable rental apartments being developed increasing affordable housing and reducing nitrogen from private wastewater systems. 
Topsfield, $400,000 
The Town of Topsfield will create multi-modal improvements for streets and sidewalks approaching Downtown Topsfield and the Town Common along Washington Street and reconstruct portions of each intersection to provide a consistent cross-section, increase and improve existing pedestrian infrastructure, and address identified traffic safety challenges. 
Truro, $305,000 
The Town of Truro will create an innovative alternative wastewater treatment system for the Cloverleaf Community Housing Project to treat wastewater effluent generated by the project that was critical to its approval and will help reduce the nitrate level in the wastewater effluent. 
Westport, $380,000 
The Town of Westport will permit and design a new sewer system for the entire length of Route 6, approximately 4.5 miles, to provide for future expansion into the abutting residential neighborhoods and provide capacity for future development.             
Whately, $30,000 
The Town of Whately will hire a consultant to complete and submit to DHCD a Housing Production Plan for certification. 
Williamstown Fire District, $400,000 
The Williamstown Fire District will create specification and schematic designs for redesign phase of a Fire Station built in 1950 to improve and meet standards and guidelines as recommended by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Aire Force Fire Station Design Guide to improve the station’s response time, deployment, and rescue process.



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