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Sarbrina Smith

Sep 26, 1967 - May 11, 1990

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Sarbrina Smith

Sarbrina grew up in the Dorchester's Field Corner neighborhood. She was a very loving and likable person. She had just became a mother and was so very proud of her new baby girl. Sarbrina was 23 years old when a stranger came into her home in Dorchester, Massachusetts, on May 11, 1990 and murdered her.

Most people knew Sarbrina as Brina. She was well admired in her community for her stylish dressing. She loved her clothes and shoes. Sarbrina was our family's leader. She was more than a big sister, she was a best friend. Sarbrina had a good heart and was loved by all who new her. Her smile would brighten any room. She is missed by so many.