Shattuck Campus Planning Process Goals


The purpose of the Shattuck Campus planning process is to assist the Commonwealth in developing a recommendation for the future use of the Shattuck Campus. Health Resources in Action (HRiA) will work with EOHHS and representatives from DCAMM, DPH and DMH to establish and facilitate a planning process and recommendations that reflect the following values and interests of the Commonwealth:

  • Ensure effective strategies for convening interested members of the public and incorporating their perspectives into the recommendations.
  • Recommendations will be consistent with the statutory land use restrictions which require the Campus be used for public health purposes. 
  • The planning and recommendations will account for the City of Boston’s related planning efforts and initiatives to ensure alignment and minimize duplication.
  • The planning and recommendations will account for, and be consistent with, the proposed development for supportive housing on the site, including a recommendation for the location of 2 acres in the plan for low-threshold supportive housing.
  • The planning and recommendations will recognize not only the public health needs of today, but also anticipated needs of tomorrow; accounting for the potentially changing needs and populations. 
  • The recommended future use of the Campus will provide benefits to the surrounding neighborhoods, as well as the City of Boston, and the Commonwealth. The recommendations should consider options to mitigate the public health and economic problems that disparately impact certain neighborhoods today, and ensure that the benefits of the future use accrue equitably to all impacted neighborhoods.
  • The planning and recommendations will recognize the role of the current vendor programs and services that exist on the Campus today; and consider future uses that would allow for the continuation of these programs and services in a way that is financially feasible for both the Commonwealth and the vendor organizations.
  • The recommended future use of the Campus will be one that is sustainable in the fullest sense of the term – economic, social, and environmental.


Guiding Principles:

  1. Data driven: Using an engaged approach, collect primary and secondary data to inform the planning process and the recommendations;
  2. Transparency: Articulate clear processes for data gathering, what data will inform recommendations, how decisions will be made and the mechanisms for communicating back to key stakeholders;
  3. Community engagement: Identify and meaningfully include community members, and governmental and organizational partners throughout the process to elicit feedback on needs, planning and recommendations.
  4. Sustainable development: Advance public health and adhere to the Commonwealth's Sustainable Development Principles. 

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