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See our frequently asked questions about the relocation of services at Shattuck Hospital.

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What is the Lemuel Shattuck Hospital?

Located in Jamaica Plain, the Lemuel Shattuck Hospital is a 260 bed, state-operated hospital by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) in conjunction with the Department of Mental Health (DMH) and the Department of Correction (DOC). It is a fully accredited teaching facility that provides medical and psychiatric care to patients requiring multi-disciplinary treatment and support, and serves a diverse patient population.

Why is Shattuck Hospital moving?

Built in 1954, the Shattuck Hospital requires extensive renovations to maintain its current level of care. Relocating to the East Newton Pavilion in the South End allows the Commonwealth to continue to provide uninterrupted service to patients in an improved environment and is significantly more cost-effective than renovation or new construction.

When will this move occur?

What services will be relocated?

  • Shattuck is relocating 260 inpatient beds and select outpatient and ancillary services such as, primary care, orthopedics, radiology and diagnostics.
  • Inpatient beds include:
    • 117  inpatient medical/surgical beds (operated by DPH)
    • 28 medical/surgical beds dedicated to DOC patients
    • 115 inpatient psychiatric beds (operated by DMH)

What services will not be relocated?

The non-profit provider programs currently operating at Shattuck today will not be relocating to East Newton Pavilion. These programs include:

  • Residential treatment programs
  • Outpatient psychiatric services
  • Pine Street shelter
  • Methadone clinic

What will happen to the patients who are currently receiving care at Shattuck during the transition?

Patients will continue to receive the same level of care at the Shattuck Hospital in Jamaica Plain up until the transition in 2026. All 260 inpatient beds at the Shattuck today will be relocated to the East Newton Pavilion site which will provide for the continuity of patient care with minimal interruption.

What is the East Newton Pavilion and why was it selected?

The East Newton Pavilion, located on East Newton Street in the South End, is a medical facility formerly owned and operated by Boston Medical Center. It was for sale as a result of BMC’s consolidation plans and requires limited renovation to accommodate Shattuck’s inpatient and outpatient services. The East Newton Pavilion site also provides a unique opportunity for potential collaboration with BMC, DMH’s Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center, and neighboring academic institutions, as well as the opportunity for continued collaboration with Tufts.

Why can’t Shattuck Hospital be renovated?

Relocating to the East Newton Pavilion provides a cost-effective, high quality solution for the state. The Commonwealth estimates that acquisition and relocation will cost approximately $200 million. Comparatively, renovating the existing Shattuck Hospital or building a new facility is estimated at $400 million and $500 million, respectively, so relocating to Newtown Pavilion could save the Commonwealth between $200 and $300 million.

How will this impact traffic/parking in the neighborhood?

The Commonwealth is committed to identifying transit strategies that promote the use of public transportation. Over the next three years, the state will continue to explore opportunities with local institutions and businesses to identify transportation demand management strategies and other best practices to mitigate the impact on parking and traffic in the area.

Will this contribute to excessive noise, such as construction and sirens, in the area?

We do not anticipate any major changes to the current landscape or noise level of the area. The relocated Lemuel Shattuck medical services will not include an emergency department. Construction impacts will be primarily associated with some related site improvements and material deliveries. Most of the construction activities will be inside the building, renovating existing spaces. Staging areas will be identified to minimize impacts to pedestrian and vehicular flow. Secure fencing and barricades will be used to isolate construction areas from pedestrian traffic adjacent to the site. In addition, sidewalk areas and walkways near construction activities will be well marked and lighted to protect pedestrians and ensure safety.

How will the Shattuck Hospital manage security for DOC patients?

DOC patients are under continuous supervision during transport and within the hospital. DOC patients will arrive in secure vehicles manned by trained correctional staff and will have a separate and secure entrance/exit solely dedicated for DOC patients. The two floors designated for correctional patients will be locked 24/7 and manned by correctional staff.

What are the next steps for the Shattuck Campus in Jamaica Plain?

The Commonwealth has completed a 12+ month vision planning process for the future use of the 13-acre Shattuck Campus in Jamaica Plain.  The purpose of the planning process was to establish a consensus vision for the future use of the Shattuck Campus at Morton Street. The use of the site is restricted to public health purposes per statute.

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