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Skyler Anderson-Coughlin

Oct 3, 1996 - Nov 10, 2013

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Skyler Anderson-Coughlin

Skyler Anderson-Coughlin was the best son a Mom could ever be blessed with. Sky was the definition of a good kid in every way. Sky’s favorite sport was Ultimate Frisbee, and he was an awesome piano player. Sky loved the circus and would ride his Unicycle and spin the diablo. Skyler was fun and so kindhearted to people and animals. I remember when we would be driving in the car and see something funny, and we would look at each other and laugh, not having to talk about what was so funny because we already knew. One day we went for a run on the hottest day of August and our faces were SO red, we laughed and laughed. During the Bright Nights time, we would go in early, and then get locked in the park on purpose so we could walk up to some of the decorations rather than just driving by; every year we thought that was so funny. Somehow, Sky made every day and night brighter just by being here with us. Skyler’s presence is missed beyond measure. Life was so much better when Sky was here. Skyler should not have died at the hands of everyone else’s ignorance and negligence. It’s so sad and so unfair. Skyler forever 17, forever loved and forever missed.


Posted September 2020