Socioeconomic Data

Socioeconomic data relating to municipalities from various state and federal agencies.

Select socioeconomic data from the department of revenue (DOR), Mass department of transportation (Mass DOT), secretary of state's office, department of public health (DPH), department of work force and labor (DWFL) and the US census bureau.

Unemployment and Labor Force Data

Key economic condition indicators for cities, towns and counties.

Massachusetts Workforce Snapshot

Socioeconomic Data - Income, Population and Housing Data

Data relative to income, population and housing from both the DOR and the US Census Bureau.  Income is presented in the Income, EQV and Population report which is used in the formula allocation of certain cherry sheet programs and the calculation of school building assistance rates.  Other income, population and housing data relates to the US Census surveys.

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Additional Socioeconomic Data from Various State Agencies

Socioeconomic data which can be used to determine a group of peer communities or used in determining the impact of inflation on local budgets, including:

  • Implicit Price Deflator and Consumer Price Index
  • Labor Force and Unemployment
  • Registered Motor Vehicles
  • Registered Voters
  • Road Miles
  • Resident Births

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