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Sportfish Angler Data Collection Team

Looking to volunteer to help conservation efforts? This program accepts volunteer anglers to collect data of selected fish species.

About the program

A woman on a boat holding up a large fish.

The Sportfish Angler Data Collection Team (SADCT) is a community science program in which recreational anglers and biologist work together to collect data on important marine recreational species in Massachusetts state waters.  

How it works 

Volunteer anglers record length measurements and obtain a scale sample on select marine recreational species they catch. Scale samples are then used to determine the age of the fish. Similar to the aging technique used for trees, growth rings can be counted on the scales. Age determination, along with length data collected by SADCT anglers, can be used in stock assessment models. Information from these models can help determine which age classes are experiencing the highest fishing mortality, track growth of the overall stock, and facilitate proper management of that species in the state of Massachusetts. The information collected by participating anglers are used by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission to support protections for certain species.

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Join the Sportfish Angler Data Collection Team! 

All interested anglers are welcome to sign up to help study the marine species they love! Participating SADCT anglers will receive program welcome packages which include sampling instructions, scale sampling packets, and data collection sheets. Anglers follow simple protocols for gathering data on fish length, scale collection, and noting whether the fish was kept or released. At the end of the season participants will receive an annual study report with an individualized summary of the species they sampled and are entered into an end of year raffle! 

If you'd like to find out more about SADCT, contact Kim Fine at (978) 491-6224 or kimberly.trull@mass.gov.

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