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Superior Court Monthly Judicial Assignments

Judicial assignments are subject to change at any time.

Table of Contents

August 1 – September 2, 2022

Criminal 1 CtRm-main GILDEA, Mark C.
    CALLAN, Michael K. (wk3)
Civil 2 CtRm -2nd PASQUALE, Gregg J.
Criminal/Civil CtRm 1 WILKINS, Douglas H.
Fall River Criminal 1 CtRm 8 DONATELLE, Sharon E.
Fall River Criminal 2 CtRm 7 O’SHEA, Daniel J.
Fall River Criminal 3 CtRm 6 WHITE, Jr., William M.
Fall River Criminal 4 CtRm 9 PERRINO, Thomas J.
Taunton Civil/Criminal CtRm-main SULLIVAN, Susan E.
New Bedford Civil A CtRm-lowr YESSAYAN, Raffi N.
New Bedford Civil B CtRm-uppr DUPUIS, Renee P.
Salem Criminal 1 CtRm K DRECHSLER, Thomas
Salem Criminal 2 CtRm J MCCARTHY, Kathleen M.
Salem Criminal 3 CtRm I LANG, James F.
Salem Civil A CtRm H DUNNIGAN, Elizabeth A.
Lawrence Civil C CtRm 2 TBA
Lawrence Civil D CtRm 1 BARRETT, C. William
Lawrence Criminal CtRm 4 HOWE, Janice W.
Lawrence Civil/Criminal CtRm 3 TBA
Newburyport Civil B CtRm 1 KARP, Jeffrey T.
Criminal 1 CtRm 1 HODGE, David M.
Criminal 2 CtRm 3 MULQUEEN, Jane E.
Criminal 3 CtRm 2 TBA
Criminal 4 CtRm 5 FLANNERY, Francis E.
Criminal 5 CtRm 8 MCDONOUGH, Jr., Edward J.
Criminal 6 CtRm 6 MASON, Mark D.
Civil A CtRm 7 GOODWIN, Karen L.
Civil B CtRm 4 CALLAN, Michael K.
Criminal/Civil CtRm 1 CAREY, Richard J.
Woburn Criminal 1 CtRm 440 PIERCE, Laurence D.
Woburn Criminal 2 CtRm 530 CAMPBELL, Cathleen E.
Woburn Criminal 3 CtRm 540 SARROUF, Jr., Camille F.
Woburn Crim MTNS 4 CtRm 630 DEAKIN, David A.
Woburn Criminal 5 CtRm 640 HOGAN, Maureen B.
Woburn Criminal 6 CtRm 430 BUXTON, Kristen
Woburn Civil B CtRm 720 TABIT, Salim R.
Woburn Civil C CtRm 740 ELLIS, Sarah W.
Woburn Civil D CtRm 620 MULLIGAN, Maureen
Woburn Civil H CtRm 710 BARRY-SMITH, Christopher K.
Woburn Civil J CtRm 520 FRISON, Shannon
Lowell CV1 CtRm 15 WALL, Joshua I.
Lowell CV2 CtRm 16 LU, John T.
Lowell Criminal CtRm 17 SALINGER, Kenneth W.
Criminal 1 CtRm-main KRUPP, Peter B.
Criminal 2 CtRm 25 CANNONE, Beverly J.
Civil A CtRm 10 DAVIS, Brian A.
Civil B CtRm 3 LEIGHTON. Jr, Joseph F.
Civil C CtRm 20 WILSON, Paul D.
Civil D CtRm 8 COSGROVE, Robert C.
Brockton Criminal 1 CtRm 1 GLENNY, Brian S.
Brockton Criminal 2 CtRm 3 GORDON, Robert B.
Plymouth Criminal 3 CtRm A KIRPALANI, Maynard M.
Plymouth Criminal 4 CtRm-main FRENIERE, Diane C.
Brockton Civil A CtRm 5 SULLIVAN, William F.
Brockton Civil B CtRm 4 TBA
Brockton Civil C CtRm 2 MCGUIRE, Jr., Thomas F.
Criminal 1 CtRm 704 DOOLIN, Michael P.
Criminal 2 CtRm 806 SANDERS, Janet L.
Criminal 3 CtRm 808 BUCKLEY, Elaine M.
Criminal 4 CtRm 815 AMES, Mary K.
Criminal 5 CtRm 817 HALLAL, Mark A.
Criminal 6 CtRm 906 ULLMANN, Robert L.
Criminal 7 CtRm 907 CAMPO, Jr., Anthony M.
Unified Session SDP CtRm 914 HAM, Catherine H.
Criminal Motions CtRm 713 BUDREAU, James H.
Civil A CtRm 304 RAYBURN, Katie C.
Civil B CtRm 306 ROACH, Christine M.
Civil C CtRm 313 SQUIRES-LEE, Debra A.
Civil D CtRm 314 CONNOLLY, Rosemary
Civil E CtRm 916 PAPPAS, John P.
Civil F CtRm 1006 COWIN, Jackie A.
Civil G CtRm 1008 BELEZOS, Christopher P. (eff. July 25)
Civil H CtRm 1015 HAGGAN, Patrick M.
Business Litigation Session I CtRm 1309 KAZANJIAN, Helene
Business Litigation Session II CtRm 1017 RICCIUTI, Michael D.
Criminal 1 CtRm 18 YARASHUS, Valerie A
Criminal 2 CtRm 10 KENTON-WALKER, Janet
Criminal 3 CtRm 17 REARDON, Jr., J. Gavin
Civil A CtRm 20 WRENN, Daniel M.
Civil B CtRm 19 RITTER, William J.
Civil C CtRm 26 BELL, Karin M. 
Civil D CtRm 25 MANITSAS, James


Judicial assignments are subject to change at any time.

Regional Administrative Justices

Barnstable, Dukes & Nantucket Mark C. Gildea
Berkshire, Franklin, Hampden & Hampshire Michael K. Callan
Bristol Raffi N. Yessayan
Essex Thomas Drechsler
Middlesex (civil) Christopher Barry-Smith
Middlesex (criminal) Laurence D. Pierce
Norfolk Beverly J. Cannone
Plymouth William F. Sullivan
Suffolk (civil) Rosemary Connolly
Suffolk (criminal) Robert L Ullmann
Worcester Daniel M. Wrenn




(617) 788-8137


Administrative Office
Suffolk County Courthouse, 3 Pemberton Square
13th Floor
Boston, MA 02108
Last updated: August 1, 2022