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Superior Court Monthly Judicial Assignments

Judicial assignments are subject to change at any time. Effective June 3 – 28, 2024.

Table of Contents

Barnstable County

Court DivisionCourtroomAssigned Justice
Criminal 1CtRm-mainGILDEA, Mark C.
Civil 2CtRm 2HOGAN, Maureen B.
Civil 3CtRm 3PERRINO, Thomas J.

Berkshire County

Court DivisionCourtroomAssigned Justice
Criminal/CivilCtRm 1AGOSTINI, John A.

Bristol County

Court DivisionCourtroom Assigned Justice
Fall River Criminal 1CtRm 9GLENNY, Brian S.
Fall River Criminal 2CtRm 7DUPUIS, Renee P.
Fall River Criminal 3CtRm 6CLOUTIER, Claudine A.
Fall River Criminal 4CtRm 8WHITE, Jr., William M
Taunton Civil/CriminalCtRm-mainO’SHEA, Daniel J.
New Bedford Civil ACtRm-lowrYESSAYAN, Raffi N.
New Bedford Civil BCtRm-upprMCGUIRE, Jr., Thomas F.

Essex County

Court DivisionCourtroomAssigned Justice
Salem Criminal 1CtRm KDRECHSLER, Thomas
Salem Criminal 2CtRm JMCCARTHY-NEYMAN, Kathleen M.
Salem Criminal 3CtRm ITINGLE, Brent A.
Salem Civil ACtRm HTABIT, Salim R.
Lawrence Civil CCtRm 2BUXTON, Kristen
Lawrence Civil DCtRm 1ROONEY, Lynn C.
Lawrence CriminalCtRm 4BARRETT, C. William
Lawrence Civil/CriminalCtRm 3KARP, Jeffrey T.
Newburyport Civil BCtRm 1LANG, James F.

Franklin County

Court DivisionCourtroomAssigned Justice
N/ACtRm-mainHODGE, David M.

Hampden County

Court DivisionCourtroomAssigned Justice
Criminal 1CtRm 1MANITSAS, James M.
Criminal 2CtRm 2MULQUEEN, Jane E.
Criminal 3CtRm 5BUCCI, Jeremy C.
Criminal 4CtRm 6FLANNERY, Francis E.
Criminal 5CtRm 3CALLAN, Michael K.
Criminal 6CtRm 4TBA
Civil A & BCtRm 8MCDONOUGH, Jr., Edward J. (Civ A & B)

Hampshire County

Court DivisionCourtroomAssigned Justice
Criminal/CivilCtRm 1GOODWIN, Karen L.

Middlesex County

Court DivisionCourtroomAssigned Justice
Woburn Criminal 1CtRm 430HAGGAN, Patrick M.
Woburn Criminal 2CtRm 530TBA
Woburn Criminal 3CtRm 540DEAKIN, David A.
Woburn Crim MTNS 4CtRm 630HOWE, Janice W.
Woburn Criminal 5CtRm 640KAZANJIAN, Helene
Woburn Criminal 6CtRm 730PIERCE, Laurence D.
Woburn Civil BCtRm 720SARROUF, Jr., Camille F.
Woburn Civil CCtRm 740DUNIGAN, Elizabeth A.
Woburn Civil DCtRm 620PAPPAS, John P.
Woburn Civil HCtRm 710BARRY-SMITH, Christopher K.
Woburn Civil JCtRm 520BUDREAU, James H.
Lowell CV1CtRm 15CAMPBELL, Cathleen E.
Lowell CV2CtRm 16TBA
Lowell CriminalCtRm 17ULLMANN, Robert L.

Norfolk County

Court DivisionCourtroomAssigned Justice
Criminal 1CtRm-mainCAHILLANE, Michael A.
Criminal 2CtRm 25CANNONE, Beverly J.
Civil ACtRm 10LEIGHTON. Jr, Joseph F.
Civil BCtRm 3HALLAL, Mark A.
Civil CCtRm 20HAM, Catherine H.
Civil DCtRm 8TBA

Plymouth County

Court DivisionCourtroomAssigned Justice
Brockton Criminal 1CtRm 1SULLIVAN, Susan E.
Brockton Criminal 2CtRm 3FRENIERE, Diane C.
Brockton Criminal 3CtRm ASULLIVAN, William F.
Plymouth Criminal 4CtRm-mainPASQUALE, Gregg J.
Brockton Civil ACtRm 5TBA
Brockton Civil BCtRm 4DONATELLE, Sharon E.
Plymouth Civil CCtRm 2BUCKLEY, Elaine M.

Suffolk County

Court DivisionCourtroomAssigned Justice
Criminal 1CtRm 704BELEZOS, Christopher P.
Criminal 2CtRm 806ELLIS, Sarah W.
Criminal 3CtRm 808DOOLIN, Michael P.
Criminal 4CtRm 815AMES, Mary K.
Criminal 5CtRm 817SQUIRES-LEE, Debra A.
Criminal 6CtRm 906WALL, Joshua I.
Criminal 7CtRm 907CAMPO, Jr., Anthony M.
Unified Session SDPCtRm 914PINEAULT, Michael J.
Criminal MotionsCtRm 713BLOOMER, William F.
Civil ACtRm 304RAYBURN, Katie C.
Civil BCtRm 306DAVIS, Brian A. 
Civil CCtRm 313GORDON, Robert B.
Civil DCtRm 314CONNOLLY, Rosemary
Civil ECtRm 916COWIN, Jackie A.
Civil FCtRm 1006TBA
Civil GCtRm 1008TBA
Civil HCtRm 1015SISITSKY, Adam L.
Business Litigation Session ICtRm 1309KRUPP, Peter B.
Business Litigation Session IICtRm 1017SALINGER, Kenneth W.

Worcester County

Court DivisionCourtroomAssigned Justice
Criminal 1CtRm 18WRENN, Daniel M.
Criminal 2CtRm 10REARDON, Jr., J. Gavin
Criminal 3CtRm 17BELL, Karin M.
Civil ACtRm 20TBA
Civil BCtRm 19RITTER, William J.
Civil CCtRm 26DUNCAN, Tracy E.
Civil DCtRm 25YARASHUS, Valerie A.

Regional Administrative Justices

County(s)Assigned Justice
Barnstable, Dukes & NantucketMark C. Gildea
Berkshire, Franklin, Hampden & HampshireMichael K. Callan
BristolRaffi N. Yessayan
EssexKathleen McCarthy-Neyman
Middlesex (Civil)Christopher Barry-Smith
Middlesex (Criminal)Patrick M. Haggan
NorfolkBeverly J. Cannone
PlymouthWilliam F. Sullivan
Suffolk (civil)Rosemary Connolly
Suffolk (criminal)Joshua I. Wall
WorcesterJ. Gavin Reardon

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Administrative Office
Suffolk County Courthouse, 3 Pemberton Square, 13th Floor, Boston, MA 02108
Last updated: May 29, 2024

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