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Supreme Judicial Court Contact Information

A listing of the court's offices and contact information.

Supreme Judicial Court Offices

Supreme Judicial Court  

Phone: 617-557-1000

SJC Clerk for the Commonwealth

Phone: 617-557-1020

  • Maura Looney, Acting Clerk
  • Terence Lok, Case & Procedures Coordinator     

SJC Clerk for the County of Suffolk

Case Information
Phone: 617-557-1100
Fax: 617-557-1033

Attorney Services and Bar Information
Phone: 617-557-1050
Fax: 617-557-1055

  • Maura S. Doyle, Clerk
  • Amy Stewart, First Assistant Clerk
  • Stephen J. Cronin, Second Assistant Clerk
  • Vincent Tofani, Third Assistant Clerk             

Public Information Office

Phone: 617-557-1114
Fax: 617-742-1807

  • Jennifer Donahue, Public Information Officer
  • Erika Gully-Santiago, Deputy Public Information Officer
  • Ellen Coyne, Communications Coordinator
  • Vanessa Scott-Woodbury, Administrative Assistant            

Office of the Reporter of Decisions

Phone: 617-557-1030
Fax: 617-557-1105

  • Madchen S. Makara, Reporter of Decisions
  • Sara V. Rocha, Deputy Reporter  

Division of Archives and Records Preservation      

Phone: 617-557-1087
Fax: 617-557-1088
Email: archives@jud.state.ma.us

  • Andrew Begley, Director of Archives and Records Preservation
    Phone: 617-557-1082

Supreme Judicial Court Administrative Office

  • Timothy E. Maguire, Executive Director
    Phone: 617-557-1140
  • Blanca Tosado, Administrative & Program Coordinator                                 
    Phone: 617-557-1193
    Fax: 617-557-1052

Legal Department

Phone: 617-557-1000

  • Christine P. Burak, Legal Counsel to the Chief Justice 
  • Chip Phinney, Chief Counsel for Judicial Policy
  • Timothy E. Maguire, General Counsel
  • Anna R. Dray-Siegel, Assistant Legal Counsel        

Office of Chief Staff Counsel

Phone: 617-557-1000

  • Jessica Barnett, Chief Staff Counsel 
  • Lynne Peppe, Administrative Assistant    

Fiscal Office

Phone: 617-557-1000

  • Sean Reynolds, Chief Fiscal Officer           

Information Technology Department

Phone: 617-557-1000

  • Steven Duncan, Chief Information Officer             

Security Department

Phone: 617-557-1000

  • Joseph Curreri, Jr., Chief Court Officer           

Education and Public Programs

Phone: 617-557-1058

  • Wendy Lement, Director of Education and Public Programs          

ADA Coordinator

Phone: 617-557-1140
Email: sjc.adacoordinator@jud.state.ma.us

  • Timothy E. Maguire   

Procedure for Emergency or Weather-Related Cancellation of Court

In the event that severe weather conditions or other emergency circumstances require consideration of closing the Supreme Judicial Court, the Executive Director, in consultation with the Chief Justice will determine whether a closing is indicated.

In making the decision regarding closing, any announcements by the Governor relative to the declaration of a state of emergency will be taken into account.  Such a declaration does not automatically lead to court closing.  In the event that the Governor declares a state of emergency pursuant to the Civil Defense Act, the courts must close.

Once a decision is made regarding closing the Supreme Judicial Court, a general announcement will be provided on 617-557-1000. Learn more about the court closure policy and other ways to find out if court is closed.

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