Technology: MCB's Tech Teams Work For Blind Clients

MCB helps clients understand and adopt an array of tech tools for reading, communication, and much more.
Image of woman using keyboard for visually impaired
“There's never been a better time to be blind, technology-wise,” says MCB Client Katie Shannon. Katie's been an MCB Client since the 1970s, so she's experienced the revolution in assistive technologies firsthand. 

“MCB not only provides the tools at no cost to clients, but they also send teams into your home or workplace to set them up, make sure they are compatible with other software and equipment, and train users.”


How MCB's Tech Teams Work For Blind Clients:

Nicole Ross, Optometrist
“We always stress with clients that there are so many ways to move forward. There are so many devices and techniques that are available to really make a big difference in their quality of life — and maintaining their purpose in life.”

Brittany Taylor, MCB Counselor
“We often start with little simple things like a 'signature guide' to show them the value of accessibility aids in their lives. We move from basics like orientation and mobility and add in assistive tools (readers, magnifiers, speech software, JAWS web browsers, etc.), and it really begins to bridge some gaps they thought would limit them entirely.”

Lynn Shortis, TVI, Pittsfield Public Schools
“The technology to assist the blind has come a long way. The equipment and devices are so much more compact and give them better access than ever.”

Tanja Milojevic, MCB Client
“When I learned what MCB could help provide, it just took such a huge weight off my shoulders. Instead of worrying about purchasing my own equipment, MCB made it very clear to me what would be provided, things I wouldn't have expected.”

Desiree Eusebio, MCB Client
“I worried about going back to school: how will it work. MCB stepped in and got me everything required to access the curriculum: a talking calculator, a tactile map, certain apps and readers — things I had never even heard of but helped me feel confident I could be in the classroom and learn.”

Brendan Regan, MCB Client
“I used to use the dome magnifiers to read, but for me the real big one was text to speech tools — it meant so much to me, and I still use that every day. MCB also made sure that I had a computer with the best accessibility options.”

Tim Vernon, MCB Client
“Before I started a new job, an MCB employee would go into my place of employment and figure out what software and hardware they needed me to use, then construct things to make them work for me: scripts or connections between my tools and the employers — so I was ready to go on day one.”

Richard Curtis, Employer of MCB Clients
“Not only did MCB come in to install technology to help our interns use our own software and hardware tools, they also explained to the intern's manager how the technology worked. Once, they spent a whole day working with my company's IT department in India to iron out an intern's setup. They do this stuff over and over to make things just work for us and the employee.”

Nicole Ross
“Together with MCB, we really try to fit solutions together. Once a patient wanted to get back into welding, but it required getting close to metals. We fashioned a specific telescope system that allowed him — with very limited vision — detail. It takes some back and forth, but we try to figure out workarounds.”

Elana Regan, MCB Client
“It took me some time to get comfortable with the different kinds of adaptive equipment. Some of them weren't good for me, so we (with MCB) would try something else. MCB was very patient and concerned the tools were the right fit.”

Mariesa Mills, TVI, New Bedford Public Schools
“For students I work with, the school is responsible for providing everything needed to access their work. What MCB provides is everything outside of the school environment. But those tools often need to work together, so we coordinate to make sure it all fits together.”

Mayanne MacDonald-Briggs, MCB Counselor
“Technology skills are super important. No matter where they go in their life, technology will be a reality for them. So we make it work, no matter what it takes to get them up and running with something and adapting it over time.”

Tanja Milojevic, MCB Client
“MCB was very involved with my Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), assisting me in making sure I was getting the right technology in place and knowing what to advocate for myself regarding accommodations. After time, I became much stronger at knowing what was available.”

James Leahy, MCB Client
“With technology, things are so much more accessible than they've ever been. MCB really is a huge help in understanding them and then integrating them into my day-to-day.”

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