Transition To Adulthood Program (TAP)

TAP helps students with disabilities prepare for the transition to adulthood.

The program serves students with disabilities who attend public, private, or residential schools throughout Massachusetts.


The TAP programs are run by Independent Living Centers (ILCs), which are consumer-controlled organizations. TAP programs offer both individual and group activities, including recreation and community involvement. Each TAP student works with experienced peer mentors, who also have a disability, who help the student with:

  • Advocacy
  • Skills training
  • Peer counseling

Students learn skills and self-confidence to better prepare them for independence in adulthood. Working with adult peer role models, as well as skills training, helps students learn how to take on the responsibilities of living independently in the community.

Who Is Eligible For TAP Services?

Any student who:


  • Is aged 14 to 21 and enrolled in special education, regardless of the type of disability and
  • wants to learn independent living and self-advocacy skills

All Independent Living Centers serve people with disabilities of all ages; however, the TAP program is specialized to work with adolescents transitioning out of high school.

If a student is interested in receiving independent living skills training through the TAP, please contact MRC’s Independent Living Department at (617) 204-3851.

Questions Regarding TAP?

Please contact:
Anna Hermann
Independent Living Programs Supervisor


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