Trial Court Strategic Plan

A new strategic plan is being implemented that will guide the Trial Court in addressing the evolving needs of the people of Massachusetts.

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The Trial Court Strategic Plan is an action plan for the Court. It is part of an ambitious effort to help propel the Court into a new era of data-informed court administration. The plan serves as a working document, and guides the Trial Court as we address the evolving needs of the people of Massachusetts. The goal of the strategic plan is to achieve the delivery of justice with dignity and speed.

Trial Court Strategic Plan

The Supreme Judicial Court approved the Strategic Plan 1.0 developed by the Trial Court in June 2013. The product of extensive discussions between external and internal stakeholders, these plans are the combined effort from the Trial Court — judges, clerks, probation officers, security and other court staff — as well as the Supreme Judicial Court Justices. Many Trial Court users, such as lawyers, litigants,legislators, district attorneys, sheriffs, and others who are interested in and work with the justice system, also offered valuable input and advice.

To help maintain momentum for the plan’s various aspects, a Strategy Implementation Team oversees the plan’s implementation process.

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