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TTY relay

TTY is one of the many options we offer for relay services.

What it is

A TTY is a telephone with a keyboard and a screen. With this, you can type and read conversations. Our relay operations read aloud what you type for the hearing person you've called and then type their response back to you. 

Tips for calls

  • Wait for our relay operator to identify themselves for you begin typing
  • Provide the area code and phone number with any special instructions such as a name, extension, or department
  • Provide any instructions for the call in parentheses. An example of this would be (OPR PLS REDIAL) or (OPR SOUND UPSET)
  • Use common abbreviations and no punctuation
  • Press the space bar before typing to avoid garbling
  • Try typing "AAA111" to clear garbling
  • Type complex words or names you would like the operator to spell out by using spaces between each letter
  • Wait for the message "PERSON HUNG UP GA" before giving the next number to call
  • If you know you'll reach an answering machine or voicemail, you can type your message before the relay operator dials the phone number
  • If you call to check your own answering machine or voicemail messages, you can type your access number before the relay operator dials the phone number

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