Types of petitions

There are five different types of representation petitions: union representation petitions; written majority authorization petitions; union decertification petitions; employer-initiated petitions; and unit clarification petitions.

Union representation petition

A union can file a petition when employees wish to be represented by a union for the purpose of collective bargaining. This petition can be filed when there is no current union  or when employees have a union representative, but want to be represented by a different union.

Petition for certification by written majority

This petition may be filed by a union seeking to represent employees who sign written majority authorization cards in support of the union. This petition can only be filed when no other employee organization had been, or currently is, recognized or certified as the exclusive representative of the employees.

Petition for union decertification

When a majority of employee want to decertify the incumbent union, an employee can file a petition on their behalf requesting that the DLR conduct an election at which employees choose between no union or continued representation by the incumbent union.

Employer-initiated petition

When one or more unions claim to represent a substantial number of employees in the bargaining unit, an employer may file a representation petition in order that the DLR can hold an election to determine who the majority of employees want to represent them. 

Unit clarification petition

When the employer of one or more unions seeks clarification of the bargaining unit placement of certain employees or an amendment of an existing certification, the employer or one or more unions may file a unit clarification petition. Individual employees may not file a unit clarification petition.

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