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Tyrone Hicks

Sep 22, 1987 - Jan 12, 2008

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Tyrone Hicks

Tyrone was a young man who grew up in the neighborhood of Dorchester. He was the best son, nephew -- and most of all -- big brother to his family. Tyrone was known for his talents in playing sports. But the best quality he possessed in life was the art of being a big brother. Tyrone had an extremely strong relationship with his little sister Cayla who adored her brother. Those that knew Tyrone were endeared by his personality and respectful manners as well as his loyalty to his family & friends.

Tyrone chose a tough path in his teenage years but quickly learned that his life had meaning. Through his struggles he made decisions to make a change. But the chance was taken from him at the tender age of 20, just 8 months short of his 21st birthday. Tyrone was shot multiple times in the back, ending his precious life on January 8, 2008.

My son was my beginning my middle and now my end. Our lives will forever be incomplete without him.