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Water Quality Monitoring Reports: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about eDEP filing of water quality monitoring reports

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When are the water quality monitoring reports due to be submitted to DEP?

The timeframe for submitting water quality monitoring reports through eDEP is the same timeframe as for submitting hardcopies to the DEP and is specified in the Massachusetts Drinking Water Regulations.

Can anyone submit forms through eDEP?

No. Only registered users and those providing proof of certification can submit forms through eDEP. Forms that include water quality sample results can only be submitted by a registered eDEP laboratory.

Should I still submit hard copy forms to the appropriate DEP regional office?

Your eDEP submittal serves as your submittal to DEP. You do not need to submit two submittals as you would if you were submitting hard copies of the forms.

How do I know if the water quality monitoring reports have been accepted through eDEP?

You will get a receipt with a DEP Transaction ID indicating your transaction has been completed.

After your report is accepted into eDEP it will be reviewed for reporting errors by DEP staff and a rejection letter sent to the Public Water Supplier indicating the error(s) identified, only if error(s) have been identified. The Public Water Supplier is responsible for obtaining the correction from the appropriate party (in this case the laboratory) and is also responsible for seeing that the corrections are submitted to the DEP within 30 days.

Reporting Errors can also be viewed online by going to the Water Quality-Bulk Data page and clicking on View Submittals.

What are the mechanisms available for submitting Water Quality Monitoring Reports to DEP?

At the present time some water quality reports can be submitted through eDEP or by mail; some can only be mailed to DEP as a hard copy. The following reports can be filed through eDEP:

  • Asbestos
  • Bacteria
  • Chlorite/Chlorine Dioxide 3 sample set
  • HAA5
  • Inorganics
  • Lead and Copper
  • LCCA (Lead in Schools)
  • Nitrate
  • Nitrite
  • PCE
  • PFAS
  • Radionuclides
  • Secondary Contaminants
  • SOC
  • Sodium
  • THM
  • VOC

Will the format of the water quality monitoring reports change as a result of eDEP?

The implementation of eDEP has necessitated a change to the format of some of the monitoring reports. Reports normally completed by a Massachusetts Certified Laboratory can submit their data sets through eDEP by bulk upload or can submit their data by hardcopy on one of the new forms. New forms were mailed to all Public Water Suppliers and Certified Laboratories and are posted on the DEP website.

How do I submit the DBPR Compliance section if my lab is uploading data through eDEP?

A new form has been developed which will allow Public Water Suppliers to submit the compliance information required under the DBPR rule. This form must be mailed to DEP.

Can I add data taken at a later time to a submitted form?

Once a monitoring report has been submitted it is no longer available for data entry or changes, only viewing and printing.

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Step-by-step instructions and a visual guide to setting up an account in eDEP's online filing system and to selecting, completing and submitting the drinking water forms to MassDEP.

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