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What MassHire Career Centers have to offer

A variety of employment-related services for job seekers and businesses are available at the Commonwealth's network of MassHire Career Centers.

Services for job seekers and employers

Services for job seekers include:

  • Job search assistance and access to online job listings
  • Career counseling
  • Coaching on job search skills
  • Workshops on a variety of job search strategies
  • Access to resources including: PCs, reference materials, resume building software, and economic data
  • Networking groups
  • Specialized services for Veterans, dislocated workers, disabled workers, and other special groups

Services for employers include:

  • Access to qualified applicants
  • Applicant pre-screening
  • Posting of jobs
  • Assistance with small- and large-scale recruitment activities
  • Help planning job fairs
  • Testing and assessment of job candidates
  • Targeted mailings
  • Rental of conference rooms
  • Labor market information
  • Information on training grants and tax credits

Resource room

The Resource Rooms provide all the resources a job seeker needs for an effective job search, including equipment, software, and staff assistance including;

  • Personal computers
  • Printers
  • Resume software
  • Fax machines
  • Telephones
  • Free access to the internet for job searching
  • Library of print materials including books, periodicals, and directories

MassHire Career Centers also provide use of technology, including;

  • Computers equipped with word processing software, internet access, multimedia equipment and height-adjustable tables
  • ZOOMTEXT software that magnifies on-screen text that allows the visually-impaired consumer to read the screen in large text
  • JAWS software which reads text for the visually-impaired consumer
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking hands-free, voice-activated software that allows a physically-disabled person to type any document by using their voice

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