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William Lucas Smith, Jr.

Jan 4, 1989 - Sep 21, 2008

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William Lucas Smith, Jr.

William, "Will" to his friends, "Lil William" to me, was a warm and energetic boy from the time he first looked at me with those big brown eyes the 4th of January 1989, and always after. His energy and smile could suck the air out of a room. He loved, basketball, baseball, football; catching lightening bugs; eating crabs, fish, clams, and anything from the water, and of course with Old Bay—the standard dip of Southern Maryland. His faith was first behind family, sports, and eating. He would come to the defense of and help anyone who needed it, young or old. To him right was right and wrong was wrong. I always thought he was an old soul. His deep bright eyes spoke volumes and looked into your soul. After you met Will, it was like you knew him your whole life, and he was a true friend. He was defending a friend the night someone his own age crossed his journey’s path, stabbed him, punctured his heart and in 43 minutes the Lord took his son home. It has been twelve years and oh what I miss are his hugs!!


Posted June 2020