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Ipswich Targeted Watershed Project

Nine low-impact development (LID) and water conservation demonstration projects implemented to help improve low streamflow conditions in the Ipswich River watershed.

The MA Department of Conservation and Recreation implemented a $1 million grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to help restore flows in the Ipswich watershed. Under the grant, four low-impact development (LID) projects and five water conservation projects were piloted in eight communities across the Ipswich watershed. Each pilot project was measured for impact. Based on those results, scientific modeling explored the extent to which these approaches could improve the flows in the Ipswich River and its tributaries if they were implemented widely throughout the watershed. The resources on this page: 1) describe the demonstration projects in detail; 2) provide the scientific results of the demonstration projects and the watershed modeling; 3) provide publications, background resources, and educational materials.