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Apprenticeship program forms and publications

One-stop shop for Traditional and Expansion Industry apprenticeship resources.

Submitting Documents to DAS

DAS is only accepting new requests for Registered Apprenticeship program recognition, Apprentice Agreements, and other standard document requests via email or existing online processes pending further notice.

Please use any of the form links below to print, fill out completely, scan to a .pdf file format, and submit attached .pdf document via email to Please include type of form(s) submitting and entity (e.g. sponsor name, apprentice name) in the subject of the email. 

Only completed, error-free forms will be processed at this time. For technical assistance, please contact Celina Pendexter at or (617) 626-5407.

All programs that are subject to prevailing wage or licensure requirements must use the applications and forms marked “Traditional.” All other programs should use forms marked “Expansion Industries.” Expansion Industries include those new to apprenticeship, such as healthcare, advanced manufacturing, and technology.


Instructions for Submitting Documents

The Division of Apprentice Standards (DAS) will not be processing physical documents submitted in person, fax or by mail, pending further notice. DAS is accepting all requests via email or existing online processes, including fee payments.

In order to be processed, all forms submitted to the Division of Apprentice Standards via email must be complete (i.e. no missing fields or erroneous data) and uploaded to Documents containing personal information (e.g. Social Security number, date of birth) must be encrypted for secure upload.

Application fees and other required payments must be made prior to document submission and a receipt/proof of payment of online payment must be submitted with emailed forms. Documents will not be processed by DAS without the accompanying proof of payment. Fee payments required for Sponsor Application fee/annual renewal, Apprentice ID card issuance/renewal, Dispensing Optician Apprentice Application (one‐time fee), or Sponsor Verification fee (per request) must be paid online through the Division of Apprentice Standard’s online payment system.

Paying Fees Online

To make a payment using our online system, you may link directly to the Division’s online payment system [hyperlink to]. You may also go to, then scroll down and click on “DLS online payment”, then click on “Department of Labor Standards online payment”. On this page, you will see available online fee payments and amounts. Once you identify the Division of Apprentice Standards fee(s) associated with your form(s) submission, you must:

  1. Select and click on “Link to pay online”
  2. Under “Applicant Information” heading, choose “Division of Apprenticeship Standards” from the “Licensing and Payment Options” dropdown selection. A “Division of Apprentice Standards” dropdown box will then appear.
  3. In this dropdown box, select the service you would like to pay for (e.g. Sponsor Fee). Importantly, in the “Enter Application\Business Name” field, enter the Apprenticeship Program Name if Sponsor Fee; the Apprentice Name if Apprentice ID Card or Dispensing Optician Application Fee; or Project/Bid Number if Sponsor Verification Fee, and click on the “Save or add another” radio button. Repeat for multiple fees.
  4. Complete all fields under the “General Information” heading and click on the “Save and Make Payment” radio button.
  5. Enter Billing and Payment information, click “Agree”, and then click “Submit Payment”.

You must save an electronic copy of your payment receipt to attach to any forms submitted to the Division of Apprentice Standards.

Please note, for Apprentice Agreements, while the Sponsor may require the apprentice to pay the $35 fee, if an apprentice is unable to make a payment online without undue hardship it is ultimately the responsibility of the Sponsor to complete online payment and submit receipt/proof of payment to the Division of Apprentice Standards. DAS will not accept agreements or payment receipts directly from apprentices. If you require technical assistance or would like to request an accommodation, please email or call 617‐626‐5409.

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