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Apprenticeship program forms and publications

One-stop shop for Traditional and Expansion Industry apprenticeship resources.

All Sponsors must use the DAS ePlace Portal available here to submit requests and documents. 

Other relevant documents and policies may be found below.

Effective July 1st, The Division of Apprentice Standards is now processing all Sponsor requests through our new online platform, the DAS ePlace Portal. All Sponsor Applications, Apprentice Agreements, and updates for Sponsor profiles or individual apprentices must be made via the portal. The Division is no longer accepting such requests that are emailed to

The DAS ePlace Portal can be accessed via Here you will be able to create an account and, if you have an existing program, link your profile to utilize the portal system. Please reach out to staff members via or by phone with any questions or access needs.

Table of Contents

Apprenticeship forms and resources - Traditional

Apprenticeship forms and resources - Expansion Industries

Optician forms and documents

Veteran apprenticeship forms

Pre-Apprenticeship Forms




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