Body Art - Community Sanitation

See regulations and forms for body piercing, tattooing and branding/scarification.

The Model Body Art Regulations set forth a model code for the practice of body art and for the maintenance and operation of body art. The regulations have been reviewed by an advisory group composed of representatives from local boards of health, state cosmetology board, Office of General Counsel and the body art industry. Multiple suggestions expressed during the meetings with the advisory group, as well as written testimony and comments presented at the public hearings, have been incorporated into the final draft of the model regulations.

DPH has developed two model body art inspection forms to assist you in conducting inspections of body art establishments. One report form includes the provisions outlined in the State Model Body Art Regulations and the other includes provisions outlined in the MHOA Model Regulations. Prior to using either form, DPH recommends that each Board of Health review the form thoroughly and confer with local legal counsel. This inspection form will obviously need to be altered if your community has adopted or intends to adopt a version that varies from the State Model or MHOA Model Regulations; make changes to this form so that it accurately reflects the adopted regulations in your community.

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