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DDS Autism Waiver Service Program (AWP) Open Interest Period 2022

The opportunity to apply for this waiver is through the open request period which will be held from October 14 - October 31, 2022

The Autism Division of the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) runs an Autism Waiver Program that provides one-to-one interventions to help children with autism who exhibit severe behavior, social and communication problems through a service called Expanded Habilitation, Education (intensive in-home services and supports). This service occurs in the child’s home or other natural settings under the supervision of trained clinical staff and is available for a total of three years. The Autism Waiver Program also provides related support services such as community integration activities and respite. At the conclusion of the three years of intensive services, a child may access supplemental services that meet the child’s needs and help with the transition out of the intensive Autism Waiver Program until the child’s 10th birthday.

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AWP Open Interest Period Documents. (Please open documents in Google Chrome)

Autism Waiver Program Open Message to Parents 2022

Autism Waiver Program Open Request Application 2022