Dental providers as vaccinators

Information for dental healthcare personnel around providing vaccines

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Dental Vaccinators’ Scope in Massachusetts

The Board of Registration in Dentistry (BORID) has determined that the administration of all vaccines, including the COVID-19 vaccine, is within the scope of practice for: 

• Licensed Dentists 

• Registered Dental Hygienists with a current local anesthesia permit (permit L) and when under the direct supervision of a licensed dentist 

Becoming a Vaccinator in Massachusetts

All vaccines administered in Massachusetts must be reported to the Massachusetts Immunization Information System (MIIS). Providers must register with the MIIS and complete the onboarding process to report immunization data prior to beginning vaccination programs.  

Register to Become a Vaccinator & Order Vaccines:  

MA vaccine information for healthcare and public health professionals

Training Resources Recommended for Dental Vaccinators

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