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The purpose of regulation 105 CMR 675.000 "Requirements to Maintain Air Quality in Indoor Skating Rinks (State Sanitary Code, Chapter XI) is to ensure the public health and safety of patrons who use indoor skating rinks by limiting air concentrations of carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide produced by fossil fuel resurfacing equipment to acceptable levels. This is accomplished by requiring indoor ice rink operators to:

  • Conduct air sampling for carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide
  • Maintain a log book of such air measurements
  • Take remedial action to reduce air concentrations of carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide where warranted
  • Require indoor ice rink operators to apply for an annual certificate of approval for operation.

The scope of the regulation applies to all public and private operators of indoor ice skating rinks in Massachusetts. Local boards of health directly enforce these regulations, with assistance from the Department of Public Health.

Please Note:

  • The "Model Massachusetts Ice Skating Rink Air Quality Record Keeping Log" is NOT part of the regulation, but a tool provided by DPH, BCEH to facilitate the record keeping requirements of the regulations. If the model log book is utilized in accordance with appropriate air testing and filled out completely, accurately and kept current, then compliance with the record keeping requirements of the regulations will be deemed complete.
  • Local boards of health are required to notify DPH annually of certificates of approval issued to indoor skating rinks pursuant to 105 CMR 675.015(F).

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