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MassHealth Provider Forms Used by Multiple Provider Types

Table of Contents

Billing Guidelines

Certification for Payable Abortion [CPA-2]

Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) Request Form

FAQs on MassHealth Enrollment for Ordering, Referring, and Prescribing Providers

Federally Required Disclosures Form for Entities [PE-FRD-E]

Federally Required Disclosures Form for Individual Practitioners [PE-FRD-IN]

HIV Resistance Testing [HIV-RTR]

Hysterectomy Information Form [HI-1]

MassHealth Community Services Critical Incident Report Form [CIRF]

MassHealth Provider Contract for Individuals (GEN-15)

MassHealth Special Program Provider Contract (GEN-19)

PCC Enhanced Fee Codes as of 01/01/2011

PCC Plan Contract Fourth Amended and Restated

PCC Provider Handbook

Preadmission Screening Form (Acute) [PAS-A]

Preadmission Screening Form (Chronic Rehab) [PAS-CR]

Primary Care Clinician Referral Form [PCC-RF]

Prior Authorization Request [PA-1]

Provider Contract for Entities [GEN-16]

Request and Justification for Therapy Services [THP-2]

Request for Services

Rest Home Provider Contract

Sterilization Consent Form Ages 18-20 [CS-18]

Sterilization Consent Form Ages 21 and Older [CS-21]

Sterilization Consent Form Guidelines

Vision Care Material Order Form [VIS-1]

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