Members of the JJPAD Board

The following are the named appointees to the JJPAD Board and their affiliation/appointing organization:


Maria Mossaides, Chair- Office of the Child Advocate

Pending Appointment  - House of Representatives, Majority

Representative Timothy Whelan - House of Representatives, Minority

Senator Adam Gomez- State Senate, Majority

Senator Patrick O'Connor- State Senate, Minority

Deputy Court Administrator Thomas Capasso- Juvenile Court

Commissioner Edward Dolan - Massachusetts Probation Services

Acting Commissioner Cecely Reardon - Department of Youth Services

Assistant Commissioner Rebecca Brink & Deputy General Counsel Cristina Tedstone - Department of Children and Families

Assistant Commissioner Nancy Connolly - Department of Mental Health

Senior Advisor Yves Singletary - Department of Public Health

Police Chief Kevin Kennedy - Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association

Director Dulcineia Goncalves - Committee for Public Counsel Services

Dawn Christie- Parent Representative

Naoka Carey- Citizens for Juvenile Justice

Executive Director Rachel Gwaltney - Children's League of Massachusetts

General Counsel Matthew Connolly - Executive Office of Education 

Ruth Budelmann - Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee

No Appointment Made- Parent Representative 2

No Appointment Made- Individual with experience or expertise related to design and implementation of state administrative data systems

No Appointment Made- Massachusetts District Attorney Association

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