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The Juvenile Justice Policy and Data Board (JJPAD), which was established by Chapter 69 of the Acts of 2018, is charged with evaluating juvenile justice system policies and procedures and making recommendations to improve outcomes. The JJPAD Board is chaired by the Child Advocate and comprised of members representing a broad spectrum of organizations involved in the juvenile justice system.

The JJPAD Board has two standing subcommittees, one focused on data (referred to as the “Data Subcommittee”) and one on community-based interventions (CBI) such as diversion (referred to as the “CBI Subcommittee”).

The Childhood Trauma Task Force (CTTF), which was also created by An Act Relative to Criminal Justice Reform, and which, by statute, has its membership drawn from the membership of the JJPAD Board, also operates under the umbrella of the JJPAD Board.

If you would like to know more about the work of the JJPAD Board, its subcommittees or the CTTF, please contact Melissa Threadgill, Senior Director of Policy and Implementation for the Office of the Child Advocate.

Email: Melissa.Threadgill@mass.gov

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