Breakheart Reservation Self-Guided Opportunities

Breakheart Reservation has been shaped not only by natural processes but by the many people who have called it home.

Self-Guided Interpretive Trail

Stories in Stone

There are five stops along this self-guided route. Each station has stone artifacts which correspond to an episode in the history of Breakheart Reservation. The map and written directions will help you find each location.

Self-Guided Hikes

Introductory hikes or rides are relatively short and appropriate for most users, including families with children. Signature hikes and rides are recommended trail experiences that may be longer or more difficult, but that highlight some of the best features of the forest.

Suggested Hikes & Rides

  • Signature Hike Fox Run - Saugus River Trail Loop
  • Introductory Hike Silver Lake Trail (Upper Pond Trail)
  • Introductory Hike Outer Loop Trail
  • Introductory Hike Inner Loop Trail (Healthy Heart Trail)
  • Signature Hike Pearce Lake Trail (Lower Pond Trail)
  • Signature Hike Eagle Rock Trail


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