Charles River Basin Mooring

2017 Mooring Lottery


Accepting Applications:             March 13 through April 28, 2017

Lottery Drawing:                       May 5, 2017

2017 Mooring Season:              May 14 - November 11, 2017

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Questions regarding the 2017 Charles River Basin Mooring Program and Lottery shall be directed to the DCR at (617) 727-5290 ext. 504.

Payment remittance,completed applications, and copy of current boat registration shall be sent to:

Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation
Attention: Charles River Basin Mooring Program
165 Day Blvd
South Boston, MA 02127

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April 28, 2017 is the deadline to submit applications for the May 5th lottery of sixty (60) public moorings available in the Charles River Basin between the First Street Landing and Poorman’s Landing. A $6.00 per foot fee will be charged to boat owners for the season which runs from May 13, 2017 through November 11, 2017.  This fee must be paid as a money order or bank certified check made payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and is due with the submittal of a lottery application. Mooring permits will not be issued until payment is received in full. Please note: Candidates will be notified by email within ten days after the lottery as to the status of their application. This is in contrast to notifications being made by phone in previous years.


  1. A copy of a valid and current Massachusetts boat registration for the boat to be moored on the Charles River must be submitted with the application or the application will be rejected; NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. The maximum boat length is 35 feet. Only the boat registered to the mooring will be allowed to use that mooring.
  3. Only pleasure boats will be permitted at this site. No commercial or boats for hire are allowed.
  4. The applicant must supply the mooring and all other necessary equipment at his or her own expense.  Moorings must meet United States Coast Guard specifications
  5. Each mooring must consist of a mushroom anchor with a chain capable of holding the boat in place under adverse weather conditions.  Boat owners must provide an 18” to 20” fiberglass mooring ball on which a number can be permanently affixed.  This mooring ball is to be used at all times.
  6. All moorings must be installed and removed at the owner’s expense no later than November 11, 2017.  Future mooring permits will be refused to any permit holder failing to remove moorings by this date.
  7. The DCR has made reasonable attempts to develop specifications believed to be proper.  They are not a guarantee or assurance of a safe mooring.  The ultimate responsibility and liability rests on the individual boat owner for damage sustained due to use, inclement weather and other factors beyond DCR’s control.  The DCR will not be liable for property damage or personal injury or death sustained as a result of any incident resulting from the operation and use of this permit.  Prior to permit issuance, permittee will be required to sign a waiver.


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