Correctional healthcare at Lemuel Shattuck Hospital

Lemuel Shattuck Hospital operates clinics and inpatient services for correctional facilities across Massachusetts.

About correctional healthcare

Correctional Healthcare represents a major commitment for the Lemuel Shattuck Hospital. We provide treatment to inmates from over two dozen state and county correctional facilities across the Commonwealth operated by both the Massachusetts Department of Correction and several County Corrections offices. The hospital offers an array of general acute, sub-acute, medical, psychiatric and rehabilitative programs and specialty units for inmate care.

Inpatient services include a secure, 28 bed unit; specialized rehabilitation therapy areas; and a dedicated ambulatory care area for day treatments. The program is coordinated with the University of Massachusetts Correctional Health, the managed care contractor for the Department of Corrections (DOC), with whom we coordinate and collaborate on clinical programs. This partnership has provided comprehensive correctional healthcare system.

Clinics at the correctional facilities operated by the Lemuel Shattuck Hospital and an expanding telemedicine program have greatly improved and streamlined medical services to inmates throughout the system.

Key program elements include:

  • A 28 bed inpatient secure hospital unit
  • Dedicated outpatient holding and examination rooms for Correctional patients
  • Specialty clinics provided at Correctional facilities such as Surgery, Orthopedics, Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Infectious Disease/AIDS, etc.
  • Chemotherapy infusion services
  • Telemedicine access for educational, consultative, and emergency evaluations
  • Dental and Oral Surgery clinics
  • Dialysis Center
  • Radiology services including MCI Framingham on-site mammography
  • Clinical conferences held jointly between hospital and on site primary care staff
  • Medical education services
  • Telephone consultations
  • Joint medical administrative conferences
  • 24-hour hospital medical and surgical services

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