Programs at Lemuel Shattuck Hospital

About the Living and Recovering Community (LARC) and Community Substance Abuse Center (CSAC).

Living and Recovering Community (LARC)

The Living and Recovering Community is a 30 to 90 day intensive residential program which offers comprehensive substance abuse stabilization and case management/housing search services for men and women living with HIV/AIDS who are in recovery. Managed by Victory Programs, LARC provides mental health services, substance abuse services, transitional housing, HIV/AIDS education, and primary healthcare.

Call the LARC Team at (617) 522-2936.

Community Substance Abuse Center (CSAC)

This program provides clinically appropriate, high quality, methadone treatment for opiate-addicted injection drug users, giving them the chance to begin and continue a successful recovery. Together with the Community Substance Abuse Center, the Lemuel Shattuck Hospital is able to address the problem of substance abuse, offer primary care services, and work to stop the spread of HIV among substance abusers.

Call the CSAC program at (617) 541-3670.


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