Volunteer opportunities at Lemuel Shattuck Hospital

Volunteer at Lemuel Shattuck Hospital!

Volunteer opportunities

The Lemuel Shattuck Hospital is supported by a caring volunteer staff made up of community members dedicated to the mission of helping those in need. Pastoral care, patient friend, recreational therapy, and clerical aide volunteers are just some of those whose assistance greatly impact the hospital's ability to best serve our patients and their families.

Call the hospital's Volunteer Program at (617) 971-3895.

Shattuck Partners, Inc.

Shattuck Partners, Inc. is a volunteer organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of the most at-need patients who receive treatment through this publicly funded, safety-net hospital in Boston's Franklin Park neighborhood.

Shattuck Partners aims to enrich patients' lives, enhance their wellness, and support the hospital's mission.

Shattuck Partners raises funds and accept donations to help supplement patients' therapeutic, rehabilitative and recreational services, as well as address unique infrastructure needs. As the Shattuck Hospital operates within a limited, state-approved budget, it is often unable to provide for care and services beyond those that are essential.

Shattuck Partners seeks partners who want to share their time, talents, or resources so that hospital staff may implement creative and new programs that can make a difference in the lives of many of their patients.