DDS Fall River Area Office


1 Father DeValles Blvd, Unit 3, Fall River, MA 02723



Fax: 508-730-2035

Details of DDS Fall River Area Office

Overview of DDS Fall River Area Office

Most individuals and families have contact with us through their local Area Office. These 23 offices are located throughout Massachusetts. Area Offices are responsible for managing and monitoring the services we provide, or arrange for individuals served by us, and their families who live in the towns covered by the respective Area Office. Functions performed at an Area Office include: information and referral, service coordination/case management, service planning, prioritization and arrangements, complaint resolution; and citizen and family involvement.

The staff contacts located in the Area Offices include: the Area Director, Assistant Area Director, Area Clinical staff, Program Monitors and Service Coordinators.

Hours for DDS Fall River Area Office

Monday - Friday:
8:45 am-5:00 pm

Parking at DDS Fall River Area Office

Parking is available