North Point Park Spray Deck


Education Circle, Cambridge, MA 02141
Transit friendly

Details of North Point Park Spray Deck

Hours for North Point Park Spray Deck

Spray Deck

5/27/2023 - 9/17/2023

Hours 8:00am - 8:00pm

Parking at North Point Park Spray Deck

Metered street parking is available

Year round parking fee $1.25 per hour

The Annual DCR ParksPass is not valid at Draw Seven Park

Facilities at North Point Park Spray Deck

  • Playground
  • Spray deck

Restrictions at North Point Park Spray Deck

  • Follow the direction of the Park staff at all times.
  • Take a cleansing shower before entering the pool.
  • Practice sun safety:
    • Always wear sunscreen.
    • Seek shaded areas.
    • Protect your skin from direct sun exposure.
  • Children must always be under supervision by a parent or guardian.
  • Proper swim suits required.
  • Only Swim Diapers allowed in pools.
  • No changing diapers, clothes, or washing children at the side of the pool.
  • No person with a communicable disease allowed in pool.
  • No person with open wounds or wounds covered by a medical bandage allowed in pool.
  • No running or horse play
  • No alcohol
  • No glass containers
  • Diving is only allowed in authorized areas.
Image credits:  Alfond Spray Deck

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