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State Police Charlton Barracks


272 Sturbridge Road, Charlton, MA 01507


(508) 248-7958
Wheelchair Accessible

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Constructed in 1957, the State Police Charlton building features a concrete/stone façade and is a two-story structure located off the eastbound lane of the Massachusetts Turnpike at the 79mm marker in Charlton. Geographically, SP Charlton was positioned at the midpoint of the Massachusetts Turnpike, serving as a strategic link exactly halfway between the Weston and Westfield barracks. Following the dissolution of the barracks system in 1971, it primarily functioned as a reporting site for officers patrolling the central section of the Turnpike.

Until the late 1970s, troopers assigned to the Massachusetts Turnpike not only carried out patrol and enforcement duties but also transported injured individuals to hospitals. This was accomplished using station wagons, modified as cruisers, equipped with gurneys. By the winter of 1992, the barracks began operating on a full-time basis. A significant redesign of the station occurred in December of 1999 after the rear tandem wheels of a Tractor Trailer Unit detached and crashed through the station's front window. Due to its high volume of truck traffic and its proximity to major interstates such as I-84, I-290, I-395, and I-495, SP Charlton has become one of the busiest traffic areas.

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