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State Police Weston Barracks


668 South Ave., Weston, MA 02493


(781) 237-0266

Details of State Police Weston Barracks

Overview of State Police Weston Barracks

State Police Weston was built in the early 1970's, replacing the Southborough barracks and the old Troop E Headquarters, which was located at Interchange 19, Beacon Park. The Weston barracks primary patrol area is on Route I-90, a toll highway, from Interchange 11, in Grafton to Interchange 19, in Brighton. The Massachusetts Turnpike, Route 90, was opened in 1957, and was 123 miles long, from New York to Weston, connecting to Route 128. In 1965, the 11-mile section of the Boston Extension connected Route 90 to metropolitan Boston, for a total of 134 miles.

SP Weston supported coverage of the 11-mile Boston Extension up until 2002. Today, SP Weston provides coverage up to the Allston-Brighton tolls on the Boston Extension and the Tunnel Division, or H-9, maintains jurisdiction for the remainder of Route 90 east of IC-19. In 1990 and 1992 respectfully, the Westfield and Charlton sub-stations became staffed on a full time basis. Prior to those staffing changes, SP Weston (H-8) was responsible for the operational control of the entire Massachusetts Turnpike (RTE I-90).

Approximately 105,000 vehicles travel on Route 90 into the City of Boston daily, and the Troopers of SP Weston provide not only highway patrol, but also investigative and public assistance skills. In addition to Route I-90 patrol and police related responsibilities, SP Weston also assists adjoining cities and town police departments along the Turnpike.

Support and assistance is also provided to other state entities, such as the Massachusetts Water Resource Authority complex in Weston, and the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority, Conrail (CSX) and Amtrak all providing rail service to and from the city of Boston and its surrounding areas.

The Massachusetts Turnpike (Route I-90) is one of the busiest roadways in the nation, and it remains one of the safest in the nation as well.

Hours for State Police Weston Barracks

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Parking at State Police Weston Barracks

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