Memorandum  Massachusetts local boards of health regarding recreational camp reporting requirement

Date: 08/17/2020
Referenced Sources: M.G.L. c. 111, §§ 3
M.G.L. c. 111, §§ 127A
105 CMR 430

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To:               Massachusetts Local Boards of Health

From:          Dave Williams, Senior Analyst
                    Community Sanitation Program

Date:            August 17, 2020

Re:               Recreational Camp Reporting Requirement


In accordance with M.G.L. c. 111, §§ 3 and 127A and 105 CMR 430.000: Minimum Sanitation and Safety Standards of Fitness for Recreational Camps for Children (State Sanitary Code Chapter IV), all recreational camps in Massachusetts must be inspected and licensed by the local Board of Health or Health Department. In addition, pursuant to 105 CMR 430.632, all local Boards of Health shall notify the Massachusetts Department of Public Health of recreational camps for children licensed within their community. [NOTE: The reporting form is attached or available electronically for submission via email*.]

Please provide complete information for each recreational camp licensed in 2020 on the attached current Recreational Camp for Children reporting form and submit as an email attachment or fax/mail to CSP. Multiple copies of “page 2” may be used to report additional recreational camps.

NOTE: It is very important to use the current form and provide the correct “Summer Address”, “Camp Director’s Name” and overall number for “Staff” “Volunteers” and “Campers”. ADDITIONALLY also be sure include the Name and License # for each camp’s Health Care Consultant (e.g. – MD/ NP). This information should be on file as part of the licensing process.

If you did not license any camps, fill out the Board of Health information, check the box indicating no camps were licensed, and return to CSP.

Send completed form(s) to:                

Massachusetts Department of Public Health
Community Sanitation Program
250 Washington St., 7th Floor
Boston, MA 02108
FAX # (617) 624-5777
Attention: Celestine Payne

NOTE: * Forms available at under Recreational Camps in WORD format.

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