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Press Release  Attorney General Campbell Releases Strategic Plan to Advance Opportunity For All Across The Commonwealth

Plan Underscores AGO’s Commitment to Advancing Economic Opportunity and Consumer Justice, Promoting Public Health and Safety, Protecting Youth, Holding the Powerful to Account and Furthering Regional Equity Across Massachusetts
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Molly McGlynn, Deputy Communications Director

BostonAttorney General Andrea Joy Campbell today announced her strategic plan, which will guide the work of the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office (AGO) through 2027. Prioritizing values such as equity, accountability, and dignity, the strategic plan lays out goals and strategies to advance justice and expand opportunity for all across the Commonwealth. The plan builds upon the existing work and legacy of the Office in key areas and emphasizes the Attorney General’s commitment to advancing economic mobility and consumer protection; combating hate while standing up for diversity and safeguarding civil rights; and ensuring safe and healthy communities.  

"I have heard from every part of the Commonwealth that people want true opportunity and choice to define and reach their own potential and promise, so that economics and life circumstance don’t determine the trajectory of a person’s life,” said AG Campbell. “By focusing on creating economic opportunity, strengthening public health and safety, and prioritizing those who are too often left out and left behind, our plan not only lays out my vision and priorities, but uplifts the very real impact and hard work of the Attorney General’s Office.” 

Informed by the needs of every region of the Commonwealth, Attorney General Campbell’s 2023-2027 strategic plan aims to direct the Office’s various tools to enhance its ongoing work to advance the following five strategic goals to expand equitable opportunity and choice for every community across Massachusetts:  

Goal 1: Advance economic opportunity and consumer justice for all 

The AGO will continue to address discrimination and inequities in the marketplace, including the housing, labor, and financial services markets. The foundation of this work is the AGO’s belief in economic dignity for all persons: every person in the Commonwealth should be able to care for themselves and their families, pursue their purpose and potential, and be treated with respect at work and as a participant in the economy. 

Goal 2: Protect and promote public health and safety throughout our state, with particular attention to closing gaps in healthcare access and environmental health 

Public health and public safety are two sides of the same coin. The growing mental health crisis, the staggering scale of the ongoing opioid epidemic, and unacceptably high rates of gun violence are some of the most complex and challenging public health and public safety problems of our time. Likewise with respect to the existential threat of climate change. 

Goal 3: Protect and strengthen the health, safety, and well-being of our youth 

The AGO is committed to addressing the challenges facing our young people, the next generation of leaders. The AGO will work to promote positive outcomes for vulnerable children and youth across the Commonwealth. 

Goal 4: Defend and embody the good of Massachusetts government, while holding the powerful to account, particular those who misuse roles of authority or public trust  

Massachusetts has some of our nation’s strongest and most effective laws, which have made the Commonwealth the best state in the country for people to live and raise their families with the protections needed to prosper and thrive. We have nation-leading laws regulating guns and protecting consumers, workers, and civil rights. Because these laws work, they are increasingly under attack by special interest groups emboldened by recent decisions of the United States Supreme Court. At the same time, the AGO recognizes its unique role in improving government accountability and criminal legal reform in the Commonwealth. The AGO thus intends to defend the strong protections and fairness of our laws while holding the powerful to account. 

Goal 5: Expand the reach of the AGO and make sure that our legal and advocacy work is informed by and reflects the needs of communities and residents in every part of the state. 

The AGO is committed to regional equity in its work, including bringing its work into communities outside of the major cities and ensuring that its work is responsive to the varied needs of people across the state. The AGO strongly believes in the importance of inviting communities into its work and listening with humility to the expertise and experiences of people across the Commonwealth. 

The AGO will utilize its broad tools, including enforcement and litigation, policy and legislative advocacy, community outreach and assistance, and community-based grants, to achieve these strategic goals and deliver real results and maximum impact for the people of Massachusetts. 

The work of the Attorney General’s Office, including the advancement of the Office’s strategic goals, can only be done in partnership with the diverse people, organizations, and communities across the Commonwealth. Individuals can learn more about the broad-ranging enforcement, advocacy, and community engagement work of the Office by visiting mass.gov/ago or calling (617) 727-8400.  

The plan is available in English, here, with translated versions available in: Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole, Simplified Chinese and Vietnamese.  


Media Contact   for Attorney General Campbell Releases Strategic Plan to Advance Opportunity For All Across The Commonwealth

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