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Press Statement Bump on the Trump Administration Infrastructure Proposal: “Barely A Drop in the Bucket”

State Auditor Suzanne M. Bump released the following statement on the federal infrastructure bill introduced today by the Trump Administration.
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BostonState Auditor Suzanne M. Bump released the following statement on the federal infrastructure bill introduced today by the Trump Administration:

“The infrastructure proposal put forward today by the Trump administration is not a serious attempt to address the needs of our state and nation, especially in regard to our water infrastructure needs. When it comes to addressing an urgent national crisis, President Trump’s proposal is barely a drop in the bucket—and most likely would result in a loss of federal infrastructure funding for cities and towns throughout the Commonwealth.

“Last month’s winter storm, and the flooding it brought, made clear that we need a holistic approach to meeting our state’s water infrastructure needs. This means the state and federal governments have to do more than act as cheerleaders; to leverage local investment, they need to be active partners willing to offer meaningful support. Through conversations with our federal delegation, I know they stand ready to work with state and local leaders to address the significant needs of the Bay State. I hope the Trump administration will put forward a serious proposal that supports efforts here in Massachusetts and across the nation.”

Last year, Bump released a study that found significant water infrastructure needs in the Commonwealth. The study found that local governments anticipate total unmet water system spending needs of nearly $20 billion over the next twenty years. Following this study, Bump called for the state to bolster collaborations with municipal and federal governments to address these needs through funding, technical assistance, and updates to laws and regulations in this realm.

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