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NOAA Fisheries has announced the 2023 appointees to the eight regional fishery management councils, including a new Massachusetts appointee to the New England Fishery Management Council. Ms. Jacqueline (Jackie) Odell will begin her three year term in August. She will fill a seat previously held by Ms. Elizabeth (Libby) Etrie who is terming out after 9 years of dedicated service to New England’s marine fishing communities. Ms. Etrie’s robust understanding, strong relationships and rational approaches to highly complex issues will be missed. 

Mr. John Pappalardo has also been re-appointed to his seat, joining three other Massachusetts Council members: Mr. Eric Hansen, Mr. Michael Pierdinock and Ms. Melanie Griffin (permanent proxy for DMF Director Daniel McKiernan). Along with their regional colleagues, Council members help conserve and manage fishery resources by relying on sound science, promoting public participation, and balancing competing interests. 

Although the Council process may appear formal and complicated, there are many ways to become familiar with it and engage on issues that are important to you. If you have never been to one, attending a Council meeting has never been easier with many meetings allowing for virtual public attendance. Other information and suggestions for how to get involved can be found on the Council’s website at Additionally you can subscribe to receive email updates, including meeting notices, news releases, and other fisheries-related information at The next New England Fishery Management Council meeting will be held September 26-28, 2023 in Plymouth, MA.

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    The Division of Marine Fisheries manages the state’s commercial and recreational saltwater fisheries and oversees other services that support the marine environment and fishing communities.
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