News Deadline for the Submission of Continuing Education Credits Extended

  • Board of Certification of Community Health Workers

During its November 2020 meeting, the Board of Certification of Community Health Workers voted to EXTEND the deadline for submission of continuing education (CE) credits for one (1) year  or until the Board approves CE vendors, whichever comes later, 

Board regulations at 272 CMR 7.02 reads as follows:

Continuing Education Requirements for Renewal of Certificates

(l)   Each Certified Community Health Worker shall complete 15 contact hours of qualified continuing education activities that meets the criteria at 272 CMR 7.03 as a condition of renewal of his or her certificate as a Certified Community Health Worker.  To meet this requirement, the continuing education activities must have been completed during the 24 months immediately preceding the certificate expiration date.

The Board is currently accepting applications from vendors of CE; no vendor has been approved as yet.  The Board encourages all certificate holders to check the Board’s webpage frequently for updates.

Board of Certification of Community Health Workers 

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