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Press Release  EOTSS Announces New Digital Accessibility and Equity Board Members

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Christopher Smith, Director of Legislative and External Affairs

Boston — This week, the Digital Accessibility and Equity Governance Board voted to confirm three new members to join the Board, further strengthening and advancing digital accessibility and equity within Massachusetts.  As a result of the Executive Office of Technology Services and Security’s (EOTSS) request for applications from members of the public to join the Board, the three new members bring valuable experience from outside of state government. These new members will be appointed by the EOTSS Secretary in an advisory capacity for terms of two years.

The Board was formed as a result of Executive Order 614, signed by Governor Healey in July 2023 on the 33rd anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Board advises the Executive Office of Technology Services and Security (EOTSS) and the Chief IT Accessibility Officer (CIAO) on all aspects of policy, procurement and operations matters where accessibility must be strengthened to bring the services and information of state government to all residents.  Since January, the Board has been meeting regularly to develop a Board Charter and advance digital accessibility priorities.

“We were humbled to have received dozens of applications from highly qualified individuals who would make incredible additions to the Digital Equity and Accessibility Governance Board,” said EOTSS Secretary and state Chief Information Officer Jason Snyder. “Ensuring the public has robust representation on the DAEGB means advancing the Healey-Driscoll priority of equity and inclusion, into the digital space, and we at EOTSS are honored to welcome our newest Board members.”

“I am excited to have three accomplished leaders in the field of accessibility to join the Digital Accessibility and Equity Governance Board,” said Chief IT Accessibility Officer and Board Chair Ashley Bloom.  “These public members will provide valuable insight, expertise and experience for the Board and Commonwealth to advance digital accessibility and equity. I am looking forward to working with them toward the goal of creating a more accessible and equitable Commonwealth.”

“I’m deeply honored to be appointed as a public member to the Massachusetts Digital Accessibility and Equity Governance Board,” said new board member Larry Goldberg.  “I look forward to bringing my lifelong experience in media and technology accessibility to the work of the Board and helping Massachusetts serve all of our communities and people by embracing the principles of ‘Born Accessible’”

"I am thrilled to have the opportunity to serve on the Digital Accessibility and Equity Governance Board. I wholeheartedly believe as technology continues to innovate and flourish, it is critical that accessibility and universal design are considered from the beginning of any project so that no one is excluded,” said new board member Minh Ha. “I am eager to contribute my collaborative approach, technical expertise, lived experience as someone with disabilities, and passion for inclusion to guide the work of the Commonwealth going forward."

“Improving digital accessibility is absolutely critical to members of the Commonwealth’s disability community,” said David Kingsbury, who also joined the board. “Too often, we have been denied access to employment, education, healthcare, and general quality of life. I am hopeful that this Board can make major inroads in improving access, and feel fortunate to be appointed a member.”[F(1] [S(2] [S(3]

About the New Members:

  • Larry Goldberg has driven accessibility initiatives at Yahoo, WGBH/NCAM, and founded the TeachAccess and XRAccess accessibility programs. He is a leader in accessibility multimedia and contributed to the 21st-Century Video and Communications Accessibility Act. He has served as an accessibility advisor for major corporations including Apple and Google for multimedia policies and standards, and provided accessibility expertise for several legislative acts involving the White House and United Nations.
  • Minh Ha currently serves as the Chair of the Accessibility Taskforce at Perkins School for the Blind. She is a subject matter expert on disability and education, serving as past President of ACB Blind Students Association for 5 years. She advocates for individuals with disabilities and access to technology on a state and national level, and has a great deal of experience training on assistive technologies for individuals with disabilities.
  • David Kingsbury is the current president of the Bay State Council of the Blind. An accessibility leader in assistive technology and web accessibility, he has written and been included in multiple publications on the subject. He contributed his expertise to create an accessible voting election ballot for MA, and contributes to several initiatives related to transportation throughout MA to provide accessibility expertise

For more information on the Digital Accessibility and Equity Governance Board, please visit this link to the DAEGB website on

As the state’s lead technology and cybersecurity secretariat, EOTSS is charged with the responsibility of coordinating the Administration’s information technology activities and ensuring that all executive department agencies adhere to its published standards, policies, and procedures. This enterprise approach provides a single, comprehensive framework and ensures that the state is in alignment on all technology needs, including data privacy, cybersecurity risk management, and now digital accessibility and equity through the creation of the Digital Accessibility and Equity Program.


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