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News Fall trout stocking begins in September

Fall trout stocking begins around mid-September. Close to 60,000 rainbow trout that are 12 inches or longer and at least 4,000 brown trout about 9+ inches long will be stocked across Massachusetts this fall.
  • Division of Fisheries and Wildlife
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Four thousand brown trout over 9 inches long, 33,000 rainbow trout over 12 inches long, and 27,000 rainbow trout over 14 inches long will be stocked across Massachusetts this fall. Fall stocking season will begin around mid-September depending on water temperatures and wrap up around mid-October. To avoid crowding at stocking locations, the stocking report will be updated on a weekly basis this fall. Anglers can use the stocking report to search for a specific waterbody or town using the sortable list, or explore new fishing spots using the map. Remember to practice social distancing while you're on the water and enjoy fishing this fall!

Division of Fisheries and Wildlife 

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