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Press Release  Governor Healey Recognizes Massachusetts Climatetech Leaders

28 Massachusetts companies named to Time Magazine’s Top GreenTech Companies
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  • Governor Maura Healey and Lt. Governor Kim Driscoll
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Karissa Hand, Press Secretary

Boston — Today, Governor Maura Healey hosted a celebration of the Massachusetts climate tech industry leaders that were named to TIME Magazine’s Top GreenTech Companies for 2024. All 28 companies, spanning across the state, were recognized with a Governor’s Citation for their contributions to Massachusetts’ economy and competitiveness. Lieutenant Governor Kim Driscoll, Economic Development Secretary Yvonne Hao, Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Rebecca Tepper, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center CEO Emily Reichert, and Climate Chief Melissa Hoffer also participated in the celebration.

Governor Healey has aimed to make Massachusetts a global leader in climatetech through a $1 billion investment in her Mass Leads Act. A UMass Donahue Institute analysis found the proposal could generate $16.4 billion in economic activity – representing a 12-to-1 return on investment – and create 6,670 new jobs.

“I’ve had the opportunity to visit many of these climatetech companies over the past few months, and I have been so impressed by the cutting-edge work that they’re doing in communities across the state,” said Governor Healey. “Massachusetts already has the foundation to be the climate innovation hub for the world – innovative incubators and start-ups and unmatched talent. Our administration is putting in the investment necessary to grow this industry to the next level, help these 28 companies continue to grow, and attract new businesses to Massachusetts.”

"We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to congratulate these 28 companies for their leadership in the climatetech industry,” said Lieutenant Governor Driscoll. “They are driving the solutions we need to confront climate change and move toward mitigation, adaptation and resilience – and they’re strengthening our economy while they do it.”

“These companies are proving that climate action is good for business,” said Energy & Environmental Affairs Secretary Rebecca Tepper. “Each of these 28 companies is developing a technology we need to drive down emissions, promote food security and public health, and protect our vulnerable natural resources. Many of these technologies are being piloted right now in Massachusetts, helping us meet our climate goals and creating good-paying jobs along the way. The world is watching Massachusetts and our ingenious entrepreneurs.” 

"Massachusetts has all the right ingredients to become the climatetech innovation hub for the world, starting with the companies and businesses based here in our state that are leading the way with groundbreaking climate solutions," said Economic Development Secretary Yvonne Hao. "We are grateful for the companies being honored today for their dedication to fighting climate change and strengthening our state’s position as a leader in the green economy."

"Today, we're celebrating 28 awesome companies who are showing the world that solving for climate and building a successful business go hand-in-hand,” said Climate Chief Melissa Hoffer. “These are the companies that are building a better world, today – driving climate innovation, creating good-paying climate careers, and helping Massachusetts lead the world in climatetech!” 
“These companies represent the promise of the Commonwealth’s growing climate corridor, a sector that is tackling the climate challenge with technologies that reduce carbon emissions and helping communities and infrastructure adapt to the impacts of climate change,” said Massachusetts Clean Energy Center CEO Dr. Emily Reichert. “MassCEC has supported a majority of these innovators through our emerging technology grants, 2030 Investment Fund, and climatetech internship program.”

The Massachusetts companies that Governor Healey recognized today include:  

  • 6K, North Andover: A leader in the sustainable production of critical materials for lithium-ion batteries.
  • Aclarity, Mansfield: Works to remove PFAS from landfills, waste treatment facilities, industrial sites, and aviation sites through an electrochemical process.
  • AM Batteries, Billerica: A leading lithium-ion dry-electrode technology company that is developing a revolutionary approach to significantly reduce the amount of chemicals and the overall carbon footprint in electrode manufacturing.
  • Ascend Elements, Westborough: Manufactures advanced battery materials using valuable elements reclaimed from used lithium-ion batteries through their innovative Hydro-to-Cathode™ process.
  • Blackburn Energy, Rowley: Provides the maximum efficiency in charging auxiliary batteries in some trucks and tractors to help significantly lower fuel and maintenance costs.
  • Boston Metal, Woburn: Leading the effort to decarbonize steel production through Molten Oxide Electrolysis, a tonnage metals technology platform powered by electricity to transform how metal is made.
  • Clean Crop, Holyoke: Helps leading companies in the nuts, seed and wheat markets combine food-grade gasses and electricity to create preservative-free food safety and extend shelf life to reduce food waste.
  • Commonwealth Fusion Systems, Devens: Designing, building and scaling fusion power plants that will deliver cost competitive, clean fusion energy to combat climate change.
  • Eden, Somerville: Developing a first-of-its-kind Electrical Reservoir Stimulation (ERS) technology that will reduces water consumption, curbs carbon emissions and mitigates the seismicity risks that come with traditional hydraulic fracturing, making the process fundamentally more sustainable.
  • Electric Hydrogen, Natick & Devens: Offers a cost-effective solution for decarbonization for large industrial users of hydrogen to replace fossil fuels.
  • Factorial Energy, Woburn: Revolutionizing batteries with their Factorial Electrolyte System Technology to help also electric vehicle accessibility with more energy dense batteries and decreasing charging time to help alleviate range anxiety.
  • Form Energy, Somerville: Making manufacturing and commercializing cost-effective through multi-day energy storage systems that will help create a clean and reliable electric grid year-round.
  • Gradiant, Woburn: Specializes in creating sustainable solutions for industrial water usage while aiming to secure clean, fresh water for present and future generations. 
  • Indigo Ag, Boston: Enhancing farmer profitability and soil health to improve food quality and traceability for consumers and reduce greenhouse gases.
  • Innovasea, Boston: Offers comprehensive end-to-end solutions for fish farming and aquatic species research in four main industries within aquaculture: open ocean aquaculture, land-based aquaculture, aquaculture intelligence, and fish tracking.
  • Invaio, Cambridge: Addresses performance and delivery challenges in crop health, empowering farmers with natural and effective solutions that support the entire crop system.
  • LineVision, Cambridge: Partners with utilities worldwide to solve critical grid issues, ensuring reliable, affordable and sustainable energy for customers everywhere. Through their sensors, software and methodologies for transmission line monitoring, they are advancing their vision of a clean, renewable and net-zero grid.
  • Malta, Cambridge: Through long-duration energy storage, Malta provides on-demand power and grid stability while optimizing the use of renewable energy resources.
  • Nth Cycle, Burlington: Pursues the goal of keeping critical metals in circulation forever with the lowest impact on the environment through a clean electro-extraction technology, the Oyster, that is more energy efficient than traditional energy-intensive smelting technologies.
  • Quaise Energy, Cambridge: Works toward delivering geothermal energy as a renewable, inexhaustible and clean energy source to future generations and hopes to develop a new approach to ultra-deep drilling.
  • Singularity, Somerville: Accelerates grid decarbonization by offering customers advanced tools and resources to accurately measure emissions and optimize decision-making through their innovative software platform.
  • SparkCharge, Holyoke and Somerville: Working to power electric vehicle adoption through innovative mobile charging stations and tailored charging services with the goal of streamlining all aspects of electric vehicle fleet management.
  • Sublime Systems, Holyoke and Somerville: Created the first “true-zero” carbon cement to commercial scale that eliminates CO₂ emissions upfront without relying on carbon capture and storage. 
  •, Boston: Helps countries, businesses and families better manage weather-related challenges with the best information and insights through their optimized operations to uses forecasts to optimize operations.
  • VEIR, Woburn: Rapidly accelerating the growth in electric transmission capacity necessary for global decarbonization and grid resilience and working to create the next generation of superconducting electric transmission lines.
  • Verdox, Woburn: Developing a carbon capture technology that uses only renewable electricity to remove carbon from both the air and industrial sources.
  • Via Separations, Watertown: Developing a cost-effective, innovative membrane for industrial separations, saving energy and costs.
  • WindESCo, Burlington: Leading renewable energy performance analytics by offering solutions for wind turbines to improve both performance and reliability.


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  • Governor Maura Healey and Lt. Governor Kim Driscoll 

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