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Press Release  Healey-Driscoll Administration Awards $1.6M in Fire Safety Grants

More than 200 Local Fire Departments Receive Funding for Fire & Life Safety Education
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Jake Wark, Public Information Officer

Firefighters teaching children about fire safety

STOW — The Healey-Driscoll Administration today announced that 214 municipal fire departments across Massachusetts will share $1.6 million in competitive grants to support fire and life safety education for school-age children and older adults. 

Since 1995, the Department of Fire Services’ Student Awareness of Fire Education (SAFE) grant program has supported firefighter-educators who deliver age-appropriate fire safety education to kids and teens across Massachusetts. In that time, the number of children who die in fires has dropped to historically low levels, from two dozen or more per year to zero for nearly three consecutive years.  

“The SAFE grants have been helping local fire departments deliver life-saving lessons to Massachusetts’ young people for nearly 30 years,” said Governor Maura Healey. “This year’s awards continue that legacy of fire safety education for our most vulnerable residents and their families. Our Administration is committed to helping every community protect its residents through public safety programs like this one.” 

In 2014, DFS launched the Senior SAFE program, which is geared toward another vulnerable population – older adults, who face a disproportionate risk of death or serious injury in a fire. 

“Senior SAFE connects firefighter-educators with senior centers, councils on aging, and other community-based resources in a unique state-local partnership,” said Lt. Governor Kim Driscoll. “Effective safety education, smoke and carbon monoxide alarm installation, and other grant-funded services are helping to keep our seniors safe at home.” 

In FY24, 214 municipal fire departments will split $1,138,565.58 in SAFE funding and/or $492,179.29 in Senior SAFE funding. Another 12 departments will share funding for regional SAFE and/or Senior SAFE programs. 

“Fire safety education is a smart investment in the safety of our residents and the livability of our communities,” said Secretary of Public Safety and Security Terrence Reidy. “Children and older adults are historically the most at risk in a fire, but the SAFE and Senior SAFE grants are helping to provide them with the tools to protect themselves and their families.” 

“I’m deeply grateful to the trained firefighter-educators who are the backbone of the SAFE and Senior SAFE programs,” said State Fire Marshal Jon M. Davine. “They’ve reached hundreds of thousands of youngsters and seniors with lessons that have prevented untold tragedies. I truly believe these grants are a key factor in making Massachusetts one of the most fire-safe states in the nation.” 

The S.A.F.E. and Senior SAFE programs are funded through legislative earmarks to the Executive Office of the Public Safety & Security, and they are administered by the Department of Fire Services. For more fire service grant opportunities, visit Grants for Fire Departments

Grant RecipientSAFE
Senior SAFE
Town of Abington$5,696.45$2,394.72
Town of Amherst$1,797.50$2,594.50
Town of Arlington$7,200.00$2,600.00
Town of Ashburnham$4,699.88$2,200.00
Town of AshbyDid Not Apply$1,800.00
Town of Ashfield$3,599.12$1,800.00
Town of Ashland$5,700.00$2,400.00
Town of Athol$4,700.00$2,200.00
City of Attleboro$7,200.00$2,600.00
Town of Auburn$5,698.84$2,396.61
Town of Avon$1,500.00$1,799.00
Town of Ayer$4,700.00$2,200.00
Barnstable Fire District$7,200.00$3,600.00
Town of Barre$4,700.00$2,200.00
Town of Bedford$4,699.38$2,198.41
Town of Belchertown$5,700.00$2,400.00
Town of Bellingham$5,679.09$1,865.80
Town of Belmont$5,700.00$2,400.00
Town of Berkley$4,700.00$2,200.00
Town of Berlin$2,939.69$1,792.72
City of Beverly$7,200.00$2,600.00
Town of Billerica$7,200.00$2,600.00
Town of Blackstone$4,700.00$2,200.00
Town of Bourne$2,699.16$2,399.35
Town of Boxborough$4,700.00$2,200.00
Town of Boxford$4,698.42$2,199.66
Town of Brewster$4,700.00$2,200.00
Town of Bridgewater$5,700.00$2,400.00
City of Brockton$10,196.06$3,096.14
Town of Brookfield$3,600.00$1,800.00
Town of Burlington$5,681.60$2,396.50
City of Cambridge$10,199.96$3,084.77
Town of Canton$5,699.44$2,398.78
Town of Carver$4,447.40$2,199.98
COMM Fire District$5,700.00$2,400.00
Town of Charlton$4,676.00$2,198.25
Town of Chatham$4,700.00$2,200.00
Town of Chelmsford$7,191.05$2,597.50
City of Chicopee$8,500.00$2,900.00
Town of Cohasset$4,656.84$2,193.35
Town of Concord$5,671.00$2,369.50
Cotuit Fire DistrictDid Not Apply$1,800.00
Town of Danvers$5,699.05$2,395.60
Dartmouth Fire District 1$4,700.00$2,200.00
Dartmouth Fire District 2Did Not Apply$1,799.96
Dartmouth Fire District 3$5,700.00$2,400.00
Town of Dighton$4,693.31$2,185.02
Town of Douglas$4,700.00$2,200.00
Town of Dracut$7,199.06$2,582.02
Town of Dudley$4,627.80$2,140.00
Town of Duxbury$5,700.00$2,400.00
Town of East Bridgewater$4,700.00$2,200.00
Town of East Brookfield$3,600.00$1,800.00
Town of East Longmeadow$5,700.00$2,400.00
Town of Eastham$3,600.00$1,800.00
City of Easthampton$5,700.00$2,400.00
Town of Easton$5,700.00$2,400.00
City of Everett$7,200.00$2,600.00
Town of Fairhaven$5,700.00$2,400.00
City of Fall River$10,200.00$3,100.00
City of Framingham$8,470.48$2,858.04
Town of Franklin$7,200.00$2,600.00
Town of Freetown$4,700.00$2,200.00
City of Gardner$5,700.00$2,400.00
City of Gloucester$5,679.60$2,385.00
Town of Goshen$3,600.00$1,800.00
Town of Grafton$5,699.62$2,399.60
Town of Groton$4,700.00$2,200.00
Town of Groveland$4,700.00$2,200.00
Town of Hadley$2,933.00$2,200.00
Town of Hampden$3,600.00$1,800.00
Town of Hanover$4,466.00$2,195.43
Town of Hanson$4,700.00$2,002.00
Town of Harwich$4,700.00$2,200.00
City of Haverhill$8,500.00$2,900.00
Town of Holbrook$4,453.03$2,192.93
Town of Holden$5,700.00$2,400.00
Town of Holland$3,600.00$1,800.00
Town of Holliston$4,700.00$2,200.00
City of Holyoke$7,199.94$2,599.04
Town of Hopkinton$5,700.00$2,400.00
Town of Hubbardston$1,500.00$1,799.69
Town of Hudson$5,699.14$2,399.72
Town of Hull$4,492.36$2,190.00
Hyannis Fire District$4,699.48$2,182.92
Town of Ipswich$4,669.00$2,200.00
Town of Lakeville$4,694.27$2,186.74
Town of Lanesborough$3,599.02$1,799.00
City of Lawrence$8,499.54$2,890.16
Town of Leicester$4,681.80$2,181.20
City of Leominster$7,200.00$2,600.00
Town of Leverett$7,199.52$3,599.28
Town of Lexington$7,200.00$2,600.00
Town of Lincoln$4,699.79$2,200.00
Town of Longmeadow$5,700.00$2,400.00
Town of Ludlow$5,700.00$2,400.00
Town of Lunenburg$4,545.02$2,070.30
Town of Lynnfield$4,700.00$2,200.00
City of Malden$8,500.00$2,900.00
Town of Manchester$1,500.00$3,998.60
Town of Mansfield$5,686.00$2,374.75
Town of Marion$4,693.49$2,199.73
Town of Marshfield$5,700.00$2,400.00
Town of Mashpee$5,700.00$2,400.00
Town of Mattapoisett$4,700.00$2,200.00
Town of Maynard$4,700.00$2,200.00
Town of Medfield$4,700.00$2,200.00
City of Medford$8,500.00Did Not Apply
Town of Medway$4,700.00$2,200.00
Town of Mendon$4,700.00$2,200.00
City of Methuen$8,500.00$2,900.00
Town of Middleborough$5,698.10$2,392.59
Town of Middleton$4,699.09$2,196.26
Town of Milford$7,199.28$2,599.60
Town of Millis$4,700.00$2,200.00
Town of Monson$4,699.99$2,200.00
Town of Needham$7,165.65Did Not Apply
City of New Bedford$10,200.00$3,100.00
Town of New Braintree$3,576.00$1,800.00
Town of New Salem$7,200.00$3,600.00
City of Newburyport$5,700.00$2,400.00
City of NewtonDid Not Apply$2,900.00
Town of Norfolk$4,700.00$2,200.00
City of North Adams$4,699.00$2,193.00
Town of North Andover$7,181.84$2,594.25
Town of North Attleborough$7,090.00$2,530.00
Town of North Brookfield$3,600.00$1,800.00
City of Northampton$5,699.68$2,399.40
Town of Northbridge$5,699.00$2,399.75
Town of Norton$5,700.00$2,400.00
Town of Norwood$7,184.00$2,592.00
Town of Oak Bluffs$4,700.00$2,200.00
Town of Oakham$3,562.50$1,780.00
Town of Orange$4,699.84$2,199.07
Town of Orleans$4,699.00$2,195.00
Town of Paxton$4,700.00$2,200.00
City of Peabody$8,500.00$2,900.00
Town of Pembroke$5,687.00$2,387.00
City of Pittsfield$7,200.00$2,600.00
Town of Plainville$4,699.98$1,120.38
Town of Plymouth$8,496.34$2,865.69
Town of Plympton$3,594.23$1,794.00
Town of Princeton$3,600.00$1,800.00
City of Quincy$10,200.00$3,100.00
Town of Randolph$7,200.00$2,600.00
Town of Raynham$5,681.64$2,393.10
Town of Reading$5,700.00$2,400.00
Town of Rehoboth$4,700.00$2,200.00
City of Revere$8,500.00$2,900.00
Town of Rochester$1,500.00$2,173.32
Town of Rowley$4,700.00$2,200.00
Town of Royalston$3,600.00$1,800.00
City of Salem$7,200.00$2,600.00
Town of Salisbury$4,101.63$2,130.00
Town of Saugus$1,482.36$518.96
Town of Scituate$5,700.00$2,400.00
Town of Seekonk$5,700.00$2,400.00
Town of Sharon$5,700.00$2,400.00
Shelburne Fire District$13,400.00$7,200.00
Town of Sherborn$3,600.00$1,800.00
Town of Shrewsbury$7,200.00$2,600.00
Town of Somerset$5,700.00$2,400.00
City of Somerville$8,500.00$2,900.00
South Deerfield Fire District$3,600.00$1,800.00
South Hadley Fire District 1$4,700.00$2,200.00
South Hadley Fire District 2$4,649.98$2,178.61
Town of Southborough$4,700.00$2,200.00
Town of Southbridge$5,697.37$2,397.30
Town of Southwick$4,648.00$2,191.00
Town of Spencer$4,700.00$2,200.00
City of Springfield$10,199.98$3,099.99
Town of Sterling$4,700.00$2,200.00
Town of Stoneham$5,700.00$2,400.00
Town of Stoughton$5,700.00$2,200.00
Town of Stow$4,700.00$2,200.00
Town of Sudbury$5,700.00$2,400.00
Town of Sunderland$2,700.00$975.00
Town of Sutton$4,672.40$2,161.50
Town of Swansea$5,154.00$2,400.00
City of Taunton$8,500.00$2,900.00
Town of Templeton$4,700.00$2,200.00
Town of Tewksbury$7,200.00$2,600.00
Town of Topsfield$4,700.00$2,200.00
Town of Townsend$4,700.00$2,200.00
Turners Falls Fire District$4,700.00$2,200.00
Town of Upton$2,655.20$1,928.23
Town of Uxbridge$4,700.00$2,200.00
Town of Wakefield$1,500.00$2,399.98
Town of Walpole$5,699.01$2,400.00
City of Waltham$8,500.00$2,900.00
Town of Ware$4,565.00$2,085.00
Wareham Fire District$5,700.00$2,400.00
Town of Warren$3,600.00$1,800.00
City of Watertown$7,200.00$2,600.00
Town of Wayland$4,646.02$2,193.76
Town of Webster$5,634.00$2,339.00
Town of Wellesley$5,616.00$2,184.00
Town of Wellfleet$3,600.00$1,800.00
Town of West Bridgewater$4,699.98$2,200.00
Town of West NewburyDid Not Apply$1,799.26
Town of West Springfield$5,699.82$2,399.49
Town of Westborough$5,700.00$2,400.00
City of Westfield$7,131.50$2,100.00
Town of Weston$4,700.00$2,200.00
Town of Westport$5,700.00$2,400.00
Town of Westwood$5,700.00$2,400.00
Town of Whitman$5,700.00$2,112.56
Town of Wilbraham$4,695.39$2,199.76
Town of Wilmington$5,700.00$2,400.00
Town of Winchendon$4,699.58$2,199.50
City of Woburn$7,200.00$2,600.00
City of Worcester$10,200.00$3,099.71
Town of Worthington$1,500.00Did Not Apply
Town of Wrentham$4,700.00$2,200.00


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