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News Massachusetts Board of Medicine Takes Disciplinary Action

Disciplinary action ordered at the August 27, 2019 meeting of the Board
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WakefieldAt its emergency meeting on August 27, the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine took disciplinary action against the medical license of Matthew J. Bonanno, M.D.

The Board summarily suspended Dr. Matthew J. Bonanno’s medical license after finding that Dr. Bonanno poses an immediate and serious threat to the public health, safety and welfare after he was arrested in New York for illegally possessing a semi-automatic firearm.  A subsequent search of his parked motor vehicle led to the recovery of firearms, including 5 assault rifles fully loaded with high capacity magazines, 1,600 rounds of ammunition, 3 handguns, 29 high capacity loaded magazines, and heavy ballistic body armor.  Another large cache of weapons were discovered in the physician’s Great Neck, New York home including assault rifles, handguns, high capacity magazines and a shotgun.  Dr. Bonanno was arraigned in Tuckahoe Village Court on several counts of criminal possession of weapons charges. Dr. Bonanno was first licensed to practice medicine in Massachusetts in March 2019.  

Dr. Bonanno has the right to a hearing at the Division of Administrative Law Appeals within seven days.

The Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine licenses more than 40,000 physicians, osteopaths and acupuncturists.  The Board was created in 1894 to protect the public health and safety by setting standards for the practice of medicine and ensuring that doctors who practice in the Commonwealth are appropriately qualified and competent. The Board investigates complaints and determines sanctions. More information is available at, or you may contact the Board at


Board of Registration in Medicine 

The Board of Registration in Medicine is responsible for licensing, regulation, and discipline of Massachusetts physicians and acupuncturists.